Hen Party Games

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Games for your hen night are invaluable as warm ups, breaking the ice, getting everyone involved and of course starting the drinking!

It’s often the case that not everyone knows all those on the invite list. I’m going to the hen party of my nephew’s bride-to-be and will only know her and family members.

So yes games can be a great idea and at Freedom we often get asked for suggestions. So here are few that we’ve we heard about, laughed about and think would most definitely be entertaining.

Pop the Question – well the clue’s in the name. Fill lots of balloons with funny dares and challenges and once the party is in full swing each guest has to pop a balloon to reveal her task.

The Handbag Game – all the girls must take an item from her bag and put it into a clear plastic bag it is then the Hen’s task to match item to guest.

I Never – to get started the Hen should make a statement beginning with I never… so for example she may state ‘I never lie to my future mother-in-law’. Any of the other girls who’ve done this very thing must then take a drink. Hilarity will ensue as all watch closely to see who drinks to what and of course the more drinks consumed the more outrageous the ‘I nevers’ will become.

Forbidden Words – declare that certain words are simply not allowed to be uttered on the night, those not adhering to this will have to pay a forfeit (quite probably finish their drink in one)

Hen Notes – all the guests must write a memory they have of then Hen, who is then challenged to work out who wrote it and what it relates to, failure to do so results in a forfeit.

True or False – someone really close to the Hen has to write out a list of facts about her (the more embarrassing the better) and then all the guests must decide upon true or false.
Consider that ice well and truly broken.

By Lynda Hulme


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