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Wedding Planning Checklist

We all know planning a wedding can get a bit overwhelming, frustrating, and exhausting, not matter how you try to stay calm, and have everything under control, I believe if you’re not organized enough, you’re wedding will only be a disaster waiting to happen! This is why you need a wedding checklist.

Planning a wedding is all about being organized, setting your priorities, and knowing what you want, this is why every bride must have her wedding checklist with her at all times.

What I love about this wedding planning checklist, which you can find on is that it is so easy to use and helps keep track of literally everything!

I love the fact that you can edit, delete, and add tasks to it.

You can also track your completion status to know how many tasks you have completed and how many more you need to do.

Another cool feature is that you can share your countdown (days left for your wedding) with your Facebook friends! How cool does that sound?

Give this wedding checklist a try,  it will definitely help you keep track of your wedding tasks.

Wedding Checklist

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