How I Did It: popping the question to my BOYFRIEND

Back again!

So, I knew we were going to La Rioja in Spain for the summer. That was my proposal window. We had one particularly special day planned, which was to visit a two Michelin-starred restaurant called El Echaurren, in the beautiful, quaint, cobble-stoned village of Ezcaray.

I was all dressed up (obviously). He was handsome in sunglasses (and clothes). It was all perfect.

It wasn’t consciously planned, but it was in the back of my mind. I thought to myself, this could be it. When we sat down to have our tasting menu (very nice, by the way), I decided, OK, this is it. My tummy went insane, I was nervous during the entire meal, I found myself gazing at him like a mad person, thinking Oh My God, you don’t know what’s coming

post2-imageYes, I did get down on one knee (or two)

I decided I would not get down on one knee in the restaurant. It would be afterwards.

Outside, we ordered a G&T (as you do), and sat in the (secret) garden. I went and asked if there were any other terraces that we could sit in, and was shown around the whole hotel/restaurant and its outer spaces, but in the end I decided the garden was perfect.

We were sitting on a bench when I got down on one knee. The pebbles hurt so much that I quickly had to get down on both knees. My sister later asked if there was anyone around and I had to answer that I had no idea. I think there might have been, but I didn’t see them.

I said some things (which I’ll keep just for him) and POPPED THE QUESTION, through tears and blurry eyes.

And he said… OF COURSE!

Watch this space for: HE SAID YES – er, what now?

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