Will You Marry Me? Why I took the plunge and decided to propose to my BOYFRIEND

Hi girls and guys! Here goes my first post on my bridal blog… eek!

I was never going to get married. As the daughter of divorced parents, it was something I had long ruled out as a possibility. It never appealed.

But recently, something shifted. Having celebrated five years with my boyfriend and the love of my life, I began to realise that I had to live my own life… and really live it. I decided to live under the stars, not under the clouds.

So I began to play with the idea. Could I really pop the question? Every time I thought about it I got hot, went red, my stomach went into knots, and then I quickly moved on to think about something else.


Then I started thinking of how, where. He is Spanish and loves La Rioja – a beautiful wine region in northern Spain – think Spanish Tuscany. I love Spain and La Rioja too, and let’s be honest, I really love wine, so there felt right. I had the region.

Next, where exactly? I thought of a picnic, but the logistics got the better of me (I know – the logistics of a picnic got the better of me! But I’m telling you, this is a serious picnic, and how would I get the champagne flutes there without breaking them – and without him hearing them clink?)

I put the thought away for a while to mature by itself, and there it sat for a while.

I was also daring enough to let a couple of close friends in on my mad musing. That was fun because it added to my excitement and earned me lots of teary hugs, but it also upped the pressure a notch or two…

Watch this space for my next post: How I Did It: popping the question to my Boyfriend

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“Will You Marry Me? Why I took the plunge and decided to propose to my BOYFRIEND”

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