George Clooney and I: What we have in common

Hi guys and gals! My next post was going to be HE SAID YES – er, what now? but George Clooney got married

I never thought I’d say this: I have something in common with George Clooney. And no, I’m not a tall, dark, dashing Oscar-winning actor.

I said I’d never marry, and so did George. And now look at us. I proposed to my love, and he just married his. I’m sure you know her name, but just in case, Amal Alamuddin.

And he didn’t do it undercover either. The film star went all out for a four-day wedding weekend in one of the most magical cities in the world. (Note to self: Venice?)

George Clooney

George Clooney tied the knot last weekend

It’s quite the turn-around for Hollywood’s hottest bachelor – after divorcing Talia Balsam (who played Mona Sterling opposite her now-husband John Slattery in Mad Men) in 1993, he famously said: “I won’t marry again”.

And ever since, the world has been watching to see if one lucky lady would scoop him up once and for all… Until 21 years later, when George announced he was getting married. He didn’t stop there either – he told Variety magazine: “I’m marrying up”.

That’s another thing I have in common with George. I, too, am marrying up. My fiancé (oh my God, that’s the first time I’ve written it) is THE most beautiful person.

He is kind and caring and lovely and funny and generally adorable. He’s a fantastic cook, and he cleans and he irons his shirts (I know – a real gem!) and he loves travelling. He loves everything I love, and some things I don’t like at all, but that’s OK, because he loves them. He makes me a better person every day. And of course, he’s gorgeous.

The seven-star hotel where George and Amal tied the knot

The seven-star hotel where George and Amal tied the knot

The other thing I have in common with George Clooney is that he got married in the seven-star Aman Canal Grande hotel in the Palazzo Papadopoli, in a wedding that was watched the world over, attended by celebrities and guests from none less than 30 nations. My wedding will be the same.

Now on that point, I’m kidding.

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