Getting married: wedding choices and bridal hell

It might be hard for some to understand this, but when I proposed to my boyfriend and he said Yes, I thought that was the end of it.

I know, silly me. I was so caught up in the emotion and fun of the proposal that I forgot that, if successful, I’d be getting married and actually have a wedding on my hands.

I hate logistics. I mean really, really. The idea of managing a very large event for a lot of people – thinking of a place, a theme, bridal colours, dresses, music, save the date’s, invitations, setting budgets – makes me queasy.

There is a whole wide bridal world that I never knew existed, and I have stepped into it – only to stand dazed and confused and look around me in horror!

getting married

Getting married: A bride’s dilemma


First bridal dilemma. Where to get married? We decided on La Rioja, where I popped the question. (See my first blog post.) Next, where exactly? A castle, a restaurant, a field? Formal, festival, beach? Fifty people, a hundred, or a hundred and seventy?

I’ve said that I never planned on getting married, so you’d think it would be easy. But once you decide you’re getting married, you want it to be perfect, at the same time as not wanting to be in debt until you’re 90. (The budget is what George Clooney and I definitely don’t have in common.)

And of course, we haven’t talked about our mix of guests, who will be coming from different countries. I know it’s ‘our day’, but what will everyone else want? Will they be happier out in the rolling Spanish hills, or in a charming town?

If I lost a tooth I’d write to the tooth fairy, if Santa was still around I’d write him a card and leave it beside the mince pies. If I were Cinderella I would turn to the Fairy Godmother. Instead, I’m hoping to bump into a real-life Bridal Fairy with a glitzy magic wand who’ll tap her shoes and give me all the answers.

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