Reactions to The Girl proposing to The Boy: the good, the bad and the lovely

I didn’t realise quite how modern/unconventional I was being when I popped the question to my boyfriend – until I started seeing people’s reactions.

There were squeals of excitement, congratulatory messages and heartwarming words, as there are with every engagement.

But with us it was a little different.

Some women found the fact I had proposed empowering, awesome, they liked my style, thought it was brilliant of me to take the bull by the horns.

Others loved it, thought it was original, said well done, that I was being a real feminist. (I am, and was delighted when Emma Watson pointed out recently in the launch of her #HeForShe campaign that feminists simply want equality for women. Go, Emma!)

wedding proposal
When a girl breaks tradition and proposes to a boy…

I was thrilled by all these comments, and surprised. I am the first woman that lots of people have heard of that has proposed to their boyfriend. I knew it wasn’t common, I knew it was definitely not traditional, but I didn’t realise I was being that out there.

Then there were the traditionalists, both self-confessed and not. One friend asked if I had been planning it for a while, and when I said yes, asked why I didn’t drop hints to the beloved to get him on his game?

I had never planned to tie the knot, so certainly wasn’t thinking of dropping hints to get The Boy to propose. I was perfectly happy to do it myself – in fact, all the happier.

One friend asked if The Boy was OK with my proposing to him? Of course, I said, why wouldn’t he be? He knows that I chose him.

And then there was the idea that I’d gotten tired of waiting. Quite the contrary. I wasn’t tired of anything. I was so full of love, hope and happiness that I asked the man I adore to marry me. All together: Aww!

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