My destination wedding in Spain: venues

Finding the right venue for your wedding is no easy task, especially when you decide on a destination wedding in Spain. We’ve touched on this before, and some of you will know that we’ve had a hard time getting The One. Hence distracting myself with wedding dresses and bridal favours – and plenty of chocolate. (No bridal diet here).

My husband-to-be (aaarrrggghhh!) is Spanish-Basque and I popped the question in La Rioja, so our search began there. And it continued, and it extended, and it stood still.

wedding destinations spain

Tough choice: lush countryside vs charming towns

We dabbled with the Basque Country (bordering La Rioja and home to some of the world’s best restaurants with three Michelin stars apiece) and went to see lovely destinations there too.

We saw wineries, hotels, restaurants. We saw places in the countryside, overlooking the sea and vineyards, we saw charming dining rooms and marquees, and places in beautiful towns. We drove for hours on end, had tiffs, ate pinchos.

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Seaside views on the coast of the Basque Country, northern Spain

What I have learned from my wedding venue journey:

1. It’s hard

2. I wouldn’t want to do it again

3. Everyone kindly advises you to think of yourself and your future hubby – but you just can’t help yourself and get your knickers in a twist about logistics and guests. (Logistics, my idea of hell.)

spain wedding destinations

La Rioja is a beautiful wine region in northern Spain

4. You really do have to make some choices (it took me a surprisingly long time to realise this) about what kind of wedding you want. Will it be inside, or outside? Would you like the countryside, even if it means jumping on a bus? Are you the World’s No. 1 wedding planner, or is simple better?

5. You need to choose a season. What will it be – summer, autumn, winter, spring? All are beautiful, but it’s about what you want.

6. Whatever you choose, it will be lovely.

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