Getting married… and dealing with commitment issues

One might think that if you propose to a boy you have dealt with your commitment issues. One would be wrong.

I cannot commit… to a venue. I keep finding questions to ask, details to falter over, doubts that need clarifying. ‘Last question’ is my new favourite catchphrase. We have chosen the venue, I have told everyone I have a date, but I am still playing with the idea of backing out and playing the field once more.

And the wedding dress… I finally understand my dad getting overwhelmed by all the options in the shop when he’s just after a ‘nice white blind’ for the bathroom. The choice is endless, and as the number of options increases, the chance of me making a decision gets slimmer and slimmer.


Getting married

Getting married: it’s hard for those of us with commitment issues


God help anyone that has to deal with me. (Little shout out to my boyfriend, I mean fiancé, and of course my sister, who answers all my dilemma phone calls – even when mashing up banana for her six-month-old baby, my future flower toddler.)

Small decisions are a mountain, and I constantly swerve between options, finding it painful to reach a conclusion.

Deciding on the invitation – even the RSVP date – was a challenge. 30th-1st-30th-1st?

If I manage to get to the altar, I mean wooden table – the wedding ceremony will be civil – it will surely make headlines, at least in the local gazette.

Wish me luck ladies and gents, but above all, may the gods be with my nearest and dearest.

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