Wedding planning: Would you let your fiancé do it all?

They say planning your wedding is one of the hardest, most stressful things you’ll ever do in life. I believe them. I like to compare it to organising a conference, or a trade show. (I have done the latter and weight loss and grey hair were two definite side effects.)

You have guests coming many different places and countries, you have lots of mini logistical nightmares, tens of different things to think about. Timings, invites, music, activites. Then there’s the details. Flowers, wedding dress, hair (up or down? Headpiece/fascinator or nothing?) The menu. Themes, colours. As you can see, when I start thinking about it I do a little circle and arrive back at the starting place, desperately needing a glass of wine.


Wedding planning

Wedding planning: one brave man is taking over


My boyfriend, on the other hand, is calm, collected, laid-back, relaxed, unstressed, unflustered and has all feathers neatly in place. How does this make me respond? It makes me even more stressed and anxious, of course.

We have, therefore, decided that he is going to take it from here. We currently have the date, venue and the photographer, and we’ve sent out some invitations to those further afield. There’s plenty left to do, and he’s the man for the job.

All I have to do now is worry about (I mean dream, browse and try) my wedding dress, which is plenty to be getting on with seeing as I plan to buy second-hand or one online. (Wish me luck!).

Now that I’ve done the handover, I have to tell you, it feels good. To be honest, I think he could’ve taken it from Day One and it would’ve been great.

Watch this space to see how the wedding planning goes for the groom-to-be.

Next week: top 10 destinations for holiday weddings.

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