A bride-to-be’s 10 New Year Resolutions

It’s a new year, and not just any new year, it’s the one that will see me tie the knot with my Mr Perfect. It’s a big one, and to make sure I keep it together – and have a wonderful time while organising what’ll be the biggest event of my lifetime – here are my top 10 New Year Resolutions.



1. Nail that guest list. It’s not the most fun part of wedding planning and it’s what causes the most amount of rows – believe me. But we will get there.

2. Sign up to a swing dance course to get fit, and have fun while I’m doing it. I’ll also sign up to the gym while I’m at it, because I talked about doing so all through 2014.


my New Year Resolutions

Swing dance, no chocolate and beating the guest list: my New Year Resolutions


3. Carpe diem. Live in the moment, rather than getting too caught up in the future.

4. Enjoy the wedding planning. I will not get stressed, or overwhelmed. I will remember this is a great, fun occasion, and a really really happy one. And I will remember that the fun is in the planning, as the day will fly by (so everyone tells me).

5. Buy my wedding dress. I will make a decision, I promise.

6. Not turn into Bridezilla. I’m doing my best – but it is REALLY hard!

7. Eat less chocolate. I will stop finishing whole bars off in one go. I do, after all, have a dress to try on (once it’s delivered from New Zealand???)

8. Remove my make-up every night – and that includes mascara.

9. Eat plenty of asparagus, bananas, cucumber, ginger, spinach, kale and lettuce – all packed with goodness and beat bloating!

10. Stick to my budget…. Once I’ve really, finally and utterly come up with one.

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