Pre-wedding photoshoot: why you should say ‘yes’

I would never have gone for a pre-wedding photoshoot. The words ‘cheese’, ‘too much’, ‘eugh’ and ‘please’ would have normally come to mind. But they were included with my photographer’s wedding package, so what is a girl to do?

Answer: buy new clothes, slap on some lipstick and get ready for a photoshoot.

Tips for dressing: my photographer advised neutral colours and wearing something I felt comfortable and good in, such as a favourite top or dress. She also said to make sure our outfits didn’t clash.

I was very nervous. We were lucky enough to have not one but two photographers – our main lady’s friend came along for the ride – and we were being papped from right, left and centre. But I have to say that after a while I really got into it and, dare I say it, I actually had fun.


Pre-wedding photography

This isn’t us, but I thought it captured the essence of the post…


Now that I’ve done a pre-wedding shoot I would definitely recommend it. It prepares you for the big day and gets you thinking about your pose and your smile (you find yourself thinking about things you never thought you would when prepping for a wedding).

You also get some gorgeous shots of the two of you together – wherever you like. You might go for a meaningful place, where you first met or your local neighbourhood to capture the two of you at this moment in your lives.

Everyone is always saying to enjoy the wedding planning – something I have struggled with – and this shoot really helped. It’s fun. It’s about the two of you. You get some lovely, artistic pics. And you get to be a model for a couple of hours – move over Cara Delevingne.

I haven’t seen the photos yet but I got a glimpse of one or two and I think I’ll like them. The next time you come over my flat, it might be a ‘Me & You exhibition space’. Joke.

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