Wedding checklist: 100 days to go

As the 100-day mark to my wedding fast approaches, I take a look at the checklist to see how I’m doing with all the planning. After a quick glance, I think that I’m doing pretty well. Then I get thinking and realise there’s actually still quite a lot to do…


What’s in the bag:


Venue booked

Photographer booked

Menu tasting – tasted

Menu confirmed

Music (part 2) booked

Wedding dress ordered

E-invitations sent

Marriage paperwork signed, sealed and delivered

Honeymoon – destination chosen, flights booked and some hotels


A look at my wedding checklist with 100 days to go...

A look at my wedding checklist with 100 days to go…



What’s out of the bag:


Wedding dress fittings

Wedding accessories: shoes, veil. (Do I want a veil?) Earrings etc

Paper invitation delivery

Wedding rings

Engagement ring, for that matter


Groom’s suit

Confirm bridal favour

Hair and make-up trial

DIY decorations

Bridesmaid accessories

Flowergirl dress

Order wedding flowers

Confirm the line-up of the ceremony

Seating plan

Fitness & detox

Extra-curricular event – the whole thing


Thoughts to self:

Now that all the BIG things are sorted, although there are lots of details still to be dealt with, I think the most important thing from now on is to have fun and enjoy it. It is a special time, after all.

The next time my fiancé asks what else needs to be done (as if it’s all been done, of course) I’m going to show him this.

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