Top conversations between a couple preparing a wedding

We all know that preparing a wedding is one of the most stressful things you’ll do in life. It brings out your differences, highlights them and then bounces them off the walls in front of you. There are tiffs, arguments, dilemmas, big decisions and important personal choices to make – one after another after another. I wish I’d written them all down but here are a few of my top pick of conversations with my other half while planning our wedding.


The battle between him and her ahead of the wedding pays off on the big day...

The battle between Him and Her ahead of the wedding pays off on the big day…


I’ve put Her and Him, but we all know that it’s Me and my beloved, Oscar…

Her: “I want a wedding half that size.”
Him: silence.

Her: “They’re going to sew it into the dress.”
Him: “The knickers?”

Her: “You have to understand…”
His dad: “I understand. And you have to understand…”

Her: “Are they coming?”
Him: “They have to come.”

Her: “We still have loads to do.”
Him: “What shall I do?”
Her: “I don’t know.”

Her: “Have you booked the DJ?”
Him: “No, I was waiting to see what you wanted.”
Her: “I already told you.”
Him: “Oh, sorry. What did you say?”


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