Wedding speeches: should a bride make one?

YES! Absolutely, definitely, totally… if she wants to, of course. Some brides may not wish to stand up and get emotional in front of their 90/150/200 guests for a wedding speech, in which case there is absolutely no need to.

But for those who are wondering if they would like to, mulling over the chance to say a few words to their nearest and dearest, I would say, do it. I would say, I’m doing it.


wedding speeches

I say ‘I do’ when it comes to brides making a wedding speech


It’s daunting. Public speaking is a whole art, after all. But if fathers of the bride, grooms and best men have been making wedding speeches for years, then I think we can manage it too.

I spent a fair chunk of last weekend on the internet (quelle surprise), reading tips on how to write a wedding speech and watching YouTube videos of brides who have been there and done that.

What I learned is that you do need some humour in there. Tender thank yous and I love yous are wonderful, but you don’t want a room/hall/marquee/castle full of teary-eyed people and ladies running off to clean their mascara streaks.


So, I leave you with my…


Top 5 pointers for winning when it comes to wedding speeches

1. Make sure you say your thank yous.
2. Make sure your thank yous don’t go on too long and get a little, let’s be honest, boring.
3. Tell an anecdote. Everyone loves to hear a story.
4. Say a few words for your new hubby. Woohooo!
5. Try not to cry (I’ll see what I can do on this point…).

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