Wedding beauty prep: should the groom get a facial and manicure?

When I told everyone at work that I plan for my fiancé to have a facial, they laughed hysterically and probably thought it had actually happened: I had become Bridezilla. I hadn’t realised it was that ‘out there’ when it came to wedding beauty preparation… I want to get one for myself and just thought, why not? Mr O can join in the fun and get his pores cleaned a little. Maybe I’ll ask him what he thinks…

And what about a mani? My fellow bride at work and her future hubby are both getting one for the close-up ring shots. I myself am getting a mani and a pedi (I like saying mani and pedi because it makes it sound like I’ve been having them once a month since I was yay-high – I haven’t). I wouldn’t bother with a manicure for my fiancé because his hands are just fine and I don’t like our wedding bands anyway – hence there’ll be no close-ups. (That’s a whole other blog post – next week!)

Bridal beauty for him and her... how far to go?

Bridal beauty for him and her… how far to go?


As ever with the world of weddings, there are so many questions and opinions and everyone just has to do what they choose for their own special day. While I am getting a facial, have considered teeth whitening (the jury is still out), am getting a manicure and pedicure, have Invisalign (clear braces, but that’s independent – I think), I am doing my own make-up.

I went for a make-over at M.A.C and bought ten years’ worth of products for a DIY beautifying session on the morning of the wedding. Now, am I crazy for doing my own make-up? When I say that’s the plan, everyone says; “you?”, just checking in case they heard wrong. That’s right, me. I always did fancy myself a bit of a make-up artist when I was younger: I used to paint lots of green and brown on my eyes.


So, wedding products I’ve got for the lead-up and the big day itself:

Face – Right now I can do with all the gold I need, and anti-ageing and hydrating Hydration Gold, containing 23-carat gold, seemed like it was worth a shot! £41.95,
ARK Skin Protector SPF30 Primer is one of celebrity make-up artist Alice Theobald’s favourites. £36,
A DIY New Braun Face kit – It’s for ladies, but I figure O can have a go as well? I will also be doing this. £69.99,

Skin – I tend to be lazy on the body butter front but now is the time to lather it on daily. I’m trying one of Michelle Keegan’s favourites… Thai Lime & Ginger Body Butter. £28.00

Feet – as I said earlier, a pedicure is on the cards. They say no pain no gain, but I will party much later into the night and have a much better time all-round with a pair of adorable ballet shoes that are foldable into a tiny little bag. Butteryfly Twists – now from £26.25 in the sale,

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