Everything that went wrong: 4 days to the wedding

Yes, a lot went wrong in my wedding planning calendar in the final run-up to my wedding. I guess that’s generally the way it goes, and along the way friends, family and colleagues have been warning me about not worrying too much, things do go wrong, and will go wrong, on the day too.

So, what went wrong?

Let’s start with the wedding dress. I went to collect my dress, was extremely nervous and delicate about taking it home to safety. Once at home I took it out of its bag and it was wrinkled. Disaster!

I rang the shop and they said to return the next day for them to iron it again. I did, and this time I carried it even more carefully, took it into my bedroom and hung it up to have a look at it. And when I took it out of the bag, my wedding dress had several holes in it. Bigger disaster!



I rang the shop, brought it back (anyone who has carried a wedding dress knows how heavy it is and difficult to carry) and left it in the shop for them to fix – not before they asked if I’d tried it on and pulled at it.

They fixed it…. I hope. The next time I take it out of the bag will be on THE DAY.

The bridal process made me go a little crazy – on the internet. I bought two dresses, the groom’s tie, my earrings and yes, the wedding bands, on the internet. The dresses were too big, the tie marked, the earrings were huge, and the wedding bands were the wrong finish, as well as mine being too small.

They kindly made them again, though, with the new finish, and made my ring smaller while they were at it out of the goodness of their hearts, and sent them. Now I like them more, but mine is too small…

I also bought the Lonely Planet guide book for Vietnam, and two arrived on my desk and I got charged twice. I brought one to the post office to return it, and two days later it appeared on my desk. Small disaster.

We’ll see if it arrives.

So, as I drink bubbles before leaving the office, I would like to thank everyone – friends, family and colleagues, for their love, support and kindness the last 10 months.

How did it go??? I’ll tell you in a month!

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