10 ways I made my wedding unique

Making your wedding unique and personal, with touches that reflect both you and your partner is HARD! There’s no getting around it. But after lots of thinking, reading and browsing the net, I came up with 9 unique wedding ideas that I put into action on my big day. The tenth one was down to my dad…


Me and hubby facing the dancers as Mr and Mrs

Me and hubby facing the dancers as new Mr and Mrs


1. Dance
We had a traditional Spanish dance accompany my pops, my bridesmaids and I from the entrance of the wedding venue to the garden ceremony. This was done by my fiancé’s friends and a tradition they have continued over the years, and was really quite special.

2. Personalised vows
We made up our own vows. They were short, sweet, and ours.

3. Bilingual ceremony
We wrote our own bilingual ceremony which included poetry readings in Spanish and English, and words in both languages, so that everyone knew what was going on.

4. Officiants
My sister’s partner and my brother-in-law were the officiants in our non-religious garden ceremony. They were great, part of the party, and everyone wanted to listen to them. Even when they fluffed the lines was hilarious.

5. A tune on the tin whistle
My dad played a tune on the tin whistle and my friend’s boyfriend played a tune on the Spanish guitar.

6. Lots of canapés
Plenty of wine and canapés meant everyone could enjoy the gardens and initial wedding buzz for longer than is sometimes customary. Everyone loved this, naturally.

7. First dance
We performed a swing dance (and I nearly fell over!).

8. Swing band
This is actually quite ‘in’ at the moment so you may be seeing and hearing more live swing at weddings. For our guests and us, this was a first.

9. DIY decorations
We painted boxes a rustic eggshell and put them in the gardens filled with gypsophila paniculatas. My sister also bought a ‘Bride & Groom’ sack, and we had ‘Mr & Mrs’ bunting and other small touches.

10. Speeches
Number 10 goes to my lovely dad, who had secretly been doing Spanish lessons for 3 months in the lead-up to our big day, so that he could do a speech in both English and Spanish. Thanks Pops!



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