Let the ladies be heard: how women played a powerful part in my wedding day

Having met up with friends for a night out on (coincidentally) my two-month wedding anniversary, I realise that I may have misrepresented my wedding in my previous blog post, called 10 ways I made my wedding unique.

The first post I wrote since tying the knot mentioned details that made our wedding different and personal to us, and inadvertantly the only participants I mentioned were male.




I explain how my now-husband’s friends performed a wonderful traditional Spanish dance, how my sister’s partner and my brother-in-law were the officiants for our ceremony, how my dad and friend’s boyfriend performed tunes on the tin whistle and guitar respectively, and finish off by explaining that my dad won the crown by surprising everyone with a bilingual speech that he’d been practicing in secret for three months.

The truth is that my wedding wasn’t dominated by males at all. They weren’t the protagonists who, as tradition would have it, took the key roles and played the prominent parts on my wedding day.

Several strong women who were guests at my wedding also played a key part. When it came to the speeches, I made one in English and Spanish while my other half opted not to, apart from a few words he was egged on by the crowd to say. While a bride making a speech is becoming more common, it’s still far from the norm.

My sister and maid of honour also made a lovely speech. One of my good friends read a poem during our wedding ceremony, and my hubby’s female cousin read the Spanish translation.

My photographer, Cristina, was (and remains) a woman. She did a fantastic job and without her I think I might have headed out to the venue with the plastic cover still sewn onto the beads on the waist of my wedding dress. I’m sure she also took stunning shots, which I’m yet to see.

There was no bouquet-throwing, no desperate scrambling for the proof that the next wedding would be theirs. Instead, we took the Spanish tradition of giving figurines to the couples who we think will be next.

Two had revealed they’re engaged and we predict wedding bells are ringing for the third couple. I’d say it’s a fair observation that all the men were equally as delighted as the women to be receiving their little bride and groom statuette.

Just had to set the record straight.

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