22 of May – 22 of June gemini

Gemini forecast for Friday December 09, 2022

When you watch a news programme and it announces the big news of the day, do you ever catch yourself thinking 'well, that wasn't my experience'? Why are they talking about that person? Is their life more important than mine?'. When we're surrounded by so much information, it's easy to feel as if what's going on in our world is of little importance. And that's not helpful. This weekend, it's time to focus on your needs. What do you want to be headline news in your life? If you focus on that, you can make it happen.

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December 08, 2022

Life's a series of gambles. Will you have time to finish your toast in time to get the bus? Will you manage to read your prediction before being eaten by a lion? The risks might vary, but the gamble still exists! Even though the chance of the second example happening is tiny, a statistician would be able to give you odds on it occurring. You could choose to worry about it. Or you could decide it's not worth being concerned about. The Full Moon, in your sign, brings the insight to see the irrelevance of something that's been unnerving you.

December 07, 2022

If we'd never experienced unhappiness, how would we know when we were happy? If we didn't feel stressed, how would we know we were relaxed? Life can be understood through a series of opposites. It's the same with victory and failure. It's only because we've tasted disappointment that success is so sweet. So, let's look at where you're standing right now. The coming Full Moon in your sign reveals you're at a threshold. You've been looking at a gloomy scenario for too long. It's time to move towards something bright.

December 06, 2022

You like to think you 'know the score' but how can anyone know what 'the score of life' is? First of all, we have to have an idea about whether we're winning or losing. And to establish that we need a reference point. Yet life's full of surprises. Sometimes, we think we're 'losing' and suddenly realise we're in a strong position. Or we think we've 'won', and it becomes evident that our victory was hollow. If you're worried about your lack of 'goals' in the game you're playing, stop. The coming Full Moon brings the equivalent of a hat-trick!

Celebrity Gemini

Angelina Jolie 4 June 1975

December 05, 2022

Although to other people, you appear to be naturally charming, that observation doesn't give you the credit you deserve. Like most skills, it takes practice, fine-tuning and repetition to achieve such apparently effortless charisma. And every now and then, you run into a situation where the persona you've developed is at odds with the characteristic you need to project in order to succeed. Today brings a chance to show someone that you've worked hard, and developed the skills you need - and just how much of an asset you are.

December 04, 2022

Your Weekly Love Focus Horoscope: Are you suffering from brain fog? If you look up the ailment on the internet, you're met with all sorts of alarming potential causes! With so much going on in our lives, we all get a little overwhelmed or confused sometimes. Given what's been happening in your emotional life, it's hardly surprising that you're feeling disorientated and 'out of sorts'.This week, however, brings an opportunity to reconfigure and reboot. The Full Moon, in your sign, will clear the mist and allow you to see past the confusion - towards a much brighter future.

December 03, 2022

Your Weekly Horoscope: What's the point of focusing on your feelings? Surely emotions will only get in the way of your productivity... and there's a lot that needs to be dealt with. You're facing complex situations that involve issues of 'right and wrong', 'acceptable and unacceptable'. And it's your job to categorise and make the appropriate decisions. For too long, excuses have been made and things have been allowed to deteriorate. The Full Moon, in your sign, enables you to see through the confusion and find solutions you feel happy about.

December 02, 2022

No one (not even an astrologer) can foresee every eventuality. There are aspects of our destinies that the cosmos likes to keep hidden from view. Sometimes, it gives us little teasing clues, and at others, life distracts us while dramatic changes creep up on us. But, even if there are some surprises in store for you this weekend, there's no need to be fearful. As your ruler, Mercury, links with Neptune, even if the discoveries necessitate changes of plan, they're all geared towards making a helpful, positive shift forwards.