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We have teamed up with Hello! Online to give readers a ten point guide on the roles of bridesmaids – for brides and the bridesmaids themselves. These chosen ladies are not just there to be pretty on the day!Maria_Farrelly_Photography13

They have jobs to do to make sure the bride’s day runs as smoothly and wonderfully as possible. However, Cwtch The Bride has experienced weddings where the poor bride has been stressed to the max whilst her bridesmaids got very merry.


1. Brides-to-be: Choose your bridesmaids carefully. Long-term friendships and the fear of offending people by not asking them can often cloud judgement. Ask those who you can trust to be by your side throughout the whole process, from the wedding planning to the actual day.

2. Brides-to-be: DELEGATE. Be clear from the start what you would like each of your bridesmaid/s to do to help. Allocate official roles if necessary. i.e. organise the hen party, manage the DIY projects, help dress the bride on the day itself etc… but be realistic. You know your friends really well, play to their strengths.


3. Bridesmaids: When given a task, try not to let the bride down. Weddings bring with them a whole host of emotions and it’s important that you are always there to help the bride stay calm. Remember, it is her day, not your’s!

4. Bridesmaids: Make sure you are fully aware of the running order of the wedding day. If the bride is not using a wedding planner it’s up to you to make sure everything runs on time, especially in the morning. For example, if hair and make up over runs, this can result in the bride having to rush into her dress and arrive late for the ceremony (it happens!).


5. Bridesmaids: Allow a good 20 minutes to help the bride into her dress. Make sure you are dressed and ready first as this will make the pre-ceremony photos look a lot better. Make sure she uses the toilet BEFORE she gets into her dress!


6. Bridesmaids: Make sure the bride has everything she needs before she leaves wherever she is getting ready. We have seen a wedding where there was a delay with the ceremony, as the bride arrived at the church without her flowers and someone had to go back for them. Tut ,tut bridesmaids.


7. Bridesmaids: Before the bride walks down the aisle, check her dress looks perfect, her hair and make-up are in place and her veil (if she has one) falls beautifully. All eyes will be on her – she will want to look amazing.

8. Bridesmaids: At the altar/place of ceremony, one of the bridesmaids must take the bride’s flowers for the wedding ceremony.

9. Bridesmaids: After the ceremony is over and the newly weds make their way to greet their guests; the photographer will be waiting to take them off for their photographs. The bridesmaids should ensure that her dress is straight and her hair and make-up etc… is all in place. Maria Farrelly, award-winning photographer and Cwtch The Bride’s creator says; “There is nothing worse than seeing a dishevelled bride for her photographs.”

These are a permanent reminder of her big day, so she will want to look her best. The bridesmaids, or at least one of them, should offer to go with the photographer and hold the bride’s flowers and be on-hand to help if needed, with props and dress straightening. The bridesmaid can also be very helpful in gathering guests for group shots. The bride should not be running around trying to co-ordinate this.


10. Bridesmaids: Throughout the remainder of the day bridesmaids should make sure the bride has something to eat and a drink in her hand (not too many though as she will want to remember the whole day). They should also be on-hand to help with loo stops and hair/make-up/dress adjustments. It is a good idea to take her to the bridal suite for a proper freshen up before she greets her evening guests.

To conclude! Brides and bridesmaids: ENJOY! Weddings can be stressful, but with the right planning and lots of help on the day, all should go well. Bridesmaids can let their hair down in the evening and have a good dance with the bride.

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