How To Get The Perfect Wedding Photos

Mike Garrard

Wedding photographer Mike Garrad gives an insight on how the bride and groom can achieve perfect wedding photos without stressing out on their special day.


Getting ready stages

1.) Aim to be ready 30 minutes before you want to leave for your ceremony.

If hair and make-up run late then you have some contingency time, but if everything is running to schedule your photographer will be able to capture some great shots of you looking amazing after being pampered all morning!




2.) Ask whoever is helping you in your dress to be dressed before you do, whether that’s mum or one of your bridesmaids. Pictures of them doing up your dress will look so much nicer if they’re not wearing the clothes they got ready in.


3.) Choose a lovely dressing gown or dress to wear in the morning while you’re getting ready. There will be a lot of pictures of all the fun of the preparation stages so it’s great to look back at these and not regret wearing your regular PJ’s!


1.) Unless your photographer has a 100% documentary style, some time needs to be allocated for photos of just the two of you. Having a drinks reception of an hour or less is going to mean you might spend most of that time taking pictures, and not enjoying the wonderful reception you’ve put together for your friends and family.
Ensuring the reception is 1.5 to 2 hours long means plenty of time for you to enjoy the day and spend time with everyone you’ve invited also.


2.) Let’s be honest, formal family line-up photos are pretty dull and can take up a lot of time. However, it’s important to get the ones you really want. Agree a short list of these with your photographer in advance and then there is no confusion on the day.


3.) Assign someone responsible who knows all the people on this list the task of rounding people up when it’s family photo time. An usher is ideal, they’re there to help after all!


Evening reception

1.) If your father, or groom, are nervous about making a speech, consider placing them before the meal instead of the traditional approach to have them after. It will mean they can relax and enjoy the dinner and not spend 2 hours in nervous anticipation!

2.) If you want your dance floor to be really full, think carefully about any catering beyond the meal. Many venues recommend a buffet in the evening, but there’s no surer way to see a busy dance floor get cleared than serving food! Try and time this when your band has a break between sets and that way everyone will leave and return to the floor at just the right time!

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