Top 10 tips to make your wedding truly personal and unique

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Hello, I’m Mrs White – wedding stylist and editor of London based style blog, Whiter than White Weddings. The ultimate resource for creative style ideas and design led wedding inspiration, featuring real weddings from around the world.

I’m a strong believer that it’s a reflection of your own style and personalities, expressed through personal touches and details that will make your wedding truly unique and that extra bit special. The most interesting weddings always provide the guests with a true insight into the couples lives, interests and personal story. Weddings that are full of original fun ideas, decorations, entertainment and the unexpected always win my heart!

So here are my top ten tips for HELLO! Online readers to do just that – create a unique, personal and memorable wedding for you and your guests!

1. Brainstorm
First things first, sit down together (just the two of you!) and write a list of all your favourite things! Include everything from hobbies, obsessions and cherished memories to how you decorate your home. These thoughts will help you in developing themes, ideas and a colour palette for the big day!

2. Location
Where you choose to say ‘I do’ and celebrate afterwards, is a really important decision and will set the overall tone for the day. Stay true to what you both love and your memories as a couple. Some friends of mine met at high school and held their ceremony in their old school hall with their head teacher as the celebrant! For a truly unique backdrop choose a venue that is flexible and will allow you the freedom to make it your own. A blank canvas such as a private house and/or tent will allow you to plan and decorate the day as you wish and often allow access a few days before to set everything up!

3. The dress
Don’t feel like you must conform – if a white dress really isn’t your thing then treat yourself to an embellished designer gown or a bright colourful dress. Or instead of a veil, opt for a more relaxed boho vibe with a fresh flower crown.


Dress: Maria Senvo | Weddy Wood

4. Ceremony
Design your own altar with stunning floral backdrops or arches – creating the perfect photo opportunity! Often venues are quite particular about throwing confetti. If this is the case then come up with alternatives. Flags, ribbon wands or even miniature tambourines are all fun alternatives for your guests to shower you with celebration!

5. Include your guests
If you have a friend that’s a florist or a Mum that bakes amazing cakes then try and include them in your day and use their talents. Don’t be afraid to ask, often family and friends are more than happy to help and be included. It could also save you a small fortune!

6. Suppliers
If you are going all out with lots of original ideas and handmade decorations then make sure everyone involved in your wedding knows what is happening and get a stylist on board to hold it all together. Tell all of your suppliers your ideas and show them visual moodboards so they can get a feel of your style. You want all of the elements to be unique yet cohesive and complimentary. If you opt for a rustic vibe then tell your caterer for instance, as you don’t want a formal sit down dinner with modern tableware – instead opt for fun food and drink stations where guests can help themselves.

7. Table decorations
Think of unique ways to decorate your tables – for instance paper flowers instead of fresh blooms that you can keep after the big day or seasonal ideas such as autumnal fruits.

8. Design ideas
Choose a unique element to recur throughout the day from a bespoke monogram crest to your own personal print. As I also work as a textile designer, for my own wedding I designed our very own floral print. The design was used throughout the day from inside the ring box and ribbon tied around favours to lining the boys’ suit jackets!

9. Make your guests feel special
The table plan is one area where you can really express your interests and make your guests feel special. I collected vintage heart lockets and personalised each one by putting old black and white photos of our guests on their wedding day, of their children or happy memories with our friends inside each locket along with their table number!

10. Bespoke decorations
It’s the little details that make a huge difference. Decorate a simple marquee with colourful streamers, flower chandeliers, balloons or piñatas. Interesting personal objects and props that people can interact with will keep your guests entertained. If you’re looking for highly creative, bespoke ideas for your own big day then Whiter than White offers a styling, consultancy and design service.

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