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It doesn’t matter if you’re a Bride, supplier or venue you can join #weddinghour on twitter, an inspirational hour for everyone locally, nationally or internationally every Wednesday between 9.00pm and 10.00pm.

As a Bride… #weddinghour is yours to control, sit back and watch or ask questions, gather inspiration and obtain advice from 1,000’s of professional wedding suppliers all over the World. This is a chance to research your wedding in the comfort of your own home and interact with other Brides and Grooms. Don’t be afraid to join in, it’s fun, friendly and a fantastic opportunity to plan your wedding.


Testimonial: ‘I would like to say a BIG thank you to #WeddingHour @weddingaffair & followers for helping the past 12 weeks, I’m now ready for my big day. I would recommend to any bride or groom planning their big day to use #WeddingHour for help in any way!’ – Jennifer Marie, Bride


For a Venue or Supplier… joining in #weddinghour will help you gain new followers, enhance your business and build your company brand. Aim to make between 5 and 10 new friends each week and you’ll see your Twitter account grow. Word of mouth and testimonials is still the best marketing tool, so use this hour to promote others, retweet and follow new companies. We’ve all got busy lives and this helps you to hone in once a week to interact with others and help your business grow.


Photos taken by Lauren Crainer Photography at #weddinghourlive with Papakata and Newby Hall


‘And to think I thought twitter was DULL, tonight has been FUN thanks to #weddinghour and @weddingaffair. I will be setting my alarm for next week, can’t wait!’ - Daisy Chain Leeds, Florist


The whole aim of #weddinghour is to interact, make new friends, retweet and follow others. With over 6,000 tweets an hour every Wednesday, this hour reaches approximately 19 million Twitter Followers.

Don’t be scared, it’s quite fast and furious but you can sit back and watch to start with and then read back at your leisure or join in and have fun.

Followers can then join the Weddinghour Facebook Community Page for ongoing support, advice and daily inspiration. Go to www.facebook.com/groups/weddinghour and become a free member. Companies, blogs, magazines and venues can leave their company details in our UK and Worldwide Files, a directory of talented wedding industry professionals.


Photos taken by Lauren Crainer Photography at #weddinghourlive with Papakata and Newby Hall

Twice a year The Wedding Affair organise a spectacular wedding industry networking party called #weddinghourlive… a chance to let your hair down, make connections and enjoy each other’s company. The last one incorporated the Launch of the New Sperry Tents fromPapaKata and a Great Gatsby Inspired Photo Shoot.

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