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03 Nov 14

Healthy skin from within

We’ve all heard the famous saying “You are what you eat.” A healthy lifestyle and diet doesn’t just lead to a good body, it also shows in your glowing skin – a must for your wedding day! The skin is the largest organ of the human body, so it utilises vitamins and nutrients from food to maintain its constant repair and rebuilding cycle. A nutritious diet will work wonders for your skin. On the contrary, a greasy, high calorie diet with refined sugar and junk food will not just show up on the weighing scale but also on the outside, and for some people, actually aggravate skin problems like acne and oily skin!   Don’t forget your vitamins So what are the foods good for the skin? Foods that are rich in Vitamin A help regulate the skin rebuilding cycle. You can get this from eating vegetables such as carrots, […]

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06 Oct 14

Makeup commandments for your skin type

We’ve all committed makeup sins in the past. Wearing the wrong foundation, applying too much lipstick or forgetting to blend your neck with the rest of your face. But if there’s one makeup commandment that many women still break, it’s wearing the wrong makeup for your skin type. The wrong formula can actually aggravate your skin and highlight problem areas. First, determine your skin type: normal, oily, dry or combination. Keep in mind that there is still a broad spectrum to consider, like sensitive, acne-prone or allergic skin type, in which case consulting a dermatologist would be advisable. For the lucky women blessed with normal skin, a simple regular skincare routine is needed. Touch ups during the day are kept to a minimum, thanks to the absence of excess oil. Remember to pre-moisturise skin before applying makeup and bring loose powder during the hotter, more humid months.   Keep shine […]

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29 Sep 14

I dream of Indian wedding makeup

Elaborate jewellery, colourful dresses and vibrant dances. Indian weddings, just like a Bollywood fantasy, are certainly not understated occasions! Unlike their Western counterparts, Indian weddings are usually a week-long and lavish affair, with pre-ceremony gatherings and cocktails calling for different dresses and makeup. Ok, so you may not be Indian, or even have Indian descent, but you can draw inspiration from the distinctive Indian makeup style, particularly in the deep, dark eyes and colourful palettes. With certain makeup tricks, you can recall the diverse cultural beauty of the native land of Mindi Kaling, Padma Lakshmi and Aishwarya Rai.   The eyes have it The most distinct feature in Indian makeup look is the dramatic, darkly defined eyes, accented with a splash of colour. Remember to use eyeshadow primer to keep eye makeup intact and vibrant for the long ceremony. Use a black kohl pencil to line the eyelids and lash […]

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24 Sep 14

The dawn of dusk: makeup for darker skin

From the catwalk to magazine covers to Hollywood films, dark-skinned beauties have come of age – a very welcome change from the predominantly Caucasian image of beauty. Gorgeous celebs like Beyonce, Iman, Sophia Vergara and Eva Longoria represent today’s idea of beauty that comes in all colours and ethnicities, from Latin America to Asia to Africa. Here’s to globalisation! Makeup has since evolved in leaps and bounds to accommodate the needs of duskier beauties with a diverse range of colour. The best part about having darker skin is that colours can really pop out and there’s so much room for experimentation, especially for your wedding day!   Meet your match The most important makeup basic for dark skin is finding the perfect foundation. The darker the skin, the more exact it should be, otherwise you risk looking ashen or orangey. As I mentioned in a previous post, first, determine whether you […]

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22 Sep 14

1930s makeup: the Hollywood factor

Greta Garbo, Mae West, Claudette Colbert, Jean Harlow, Marlene Dietrich. The beautiful faces that graced Hollywood in the 1930s can give us an insight into the dominant makeup look of that era. The severe, dramatic look of the 1920s Prohibition era gave way to a more refined, but still distinct look influenced by Hollywood glamour. Magazines featured articles on how to replicate celebrity looks, and a certain Polish-Jewish cosmetician named Max Factor became a nationwide sensation. He had created what we know today as ‘pancake’ makeup which he applied on his film star clientele. Thanks to his affinity with Hollywood, his brand became a household name by the 1930s. No brow If there is one standout feature of the 1930s look, it’s the pencil-thin eyebrow. Seriously, these women had a thing against eyebrows that they plucked every hair strand to oblivion! These were then filled in with eyeliner to achieve […]

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15 Sep 14

Pre-wedding makeup: get prepped

Just like priming a canvas before painting, your skin should be prepped before the big day. It’s never too early to get into a good skincare bridal routine. One of my best friends started her skin and diet prep almost a year before her wedding! (And it paid off; she was glowing on her wedding day). Here are a few tips for brides to get glowing.   The skin commandments The three basic commandments of a good skincare routine are, repeat after me: cleanse, tone, moisturise.  Even if you have oily skin, don’t skip on the moisturiser – in fact, not restoring the moisture on your skin can aggravate the slicky situation and trigger an overproduction of oil. Your skin will thank you, especially during the dry winter months. Face off Start getting a professional monthly facial. Not only will you feel rejuvenated after all those stubborn blackheads and whiteheads […]

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08 Sep 14

How to get Kate Moss’ wedding day glow

I admit I was rather surprised, positively, with Kate Moss’ wedding makeup look. Departing from her trademark, rock star-inspired smoky kohl-rimmed eyes and red lipstick, the supermodel opted instead for a minimal, barely-there makeup look for her wedding to Jamie Hince back in 2011. Trust the divine Ms. Kate to make even the most natural look uber dramatic!   Playing it neutral The overall effect was less rock star and more free spirit. Kate said ‘eye do’ to a simple shimmery eye shadow and rosy-nude lips, framed beautifully by a light, natural looking wavy hairstyle. It was a very chic look – and quite the opposite route from bold, dramatic wedding makeup and upswept ‘do that is de rigueur for many brides. Celebrated makeup artist (and Kate’s good friend) Charlotte Tilbury created this fresh daytime look that you can emulate, especially if you’re having a day wedding. Plus it’s also […]

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01 Sep 14

Wedding makeup: foundation base basics

When I was younger, I was guilty of hoarding unused foundation. An old drawer held proof of my trial-and-error teenage years, formulas that were either too light that made me look pasty, or too dark that made me look like I stuck my face – and only my face – inside a tanning booth. How little did I know back then about Foundation 101! Most of the time, the harsh department store lights were the culprit as they aren’t the correct lighting conditions for choosing the right foundation. You can be spared of these foundation woes by taking note of these important tips before heading to the makeup shop.   Skin tone savvy The most important thing you have to know is your skin tone. A warm skin tone has more yellow and olive undertones, while a cool skin tone has more reds and pinks. Daylight is your friend. Study […]

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27 Aug 14

YouTube makeup pros

There are two things I simply cannot live without: my tube of Chanel Rouge Allure lipstick and YouTube. Like wearing red lipstick everyday, I have made it a regular habit to check out my favourite makeup vloggers online for the latest products, trends and tricks of the trade. I myself have learned so much by watching these pros work their magic on bare faces like an artist on blank canvas. From brush techniques to highlighting tips to exciting colour palettes, the learning curve never ends. For brides-to-be, I suggest exploring cyberspace to research on makeup looks you’d like to show your makeup artist before your trial. But with so many vloggers out there, where should you begin? Here are some of my favourite makeup artists that I think are worth checking out in between your Facebooking time:   Pro style: Lisa Eldridge Lisa Eldridge is a London-based professional makeup artist […]

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25 Aug 14

Flattering 1920s flapper makeup

Thanks to movies and shows like Great Gatsby and Downton Abbey, the 1920s flapper style is getting a worldwide revival. Even before they put flappers back in the spotlight, I was always a fan of this look – I think of it as an adverse reaction to all things constricting to women. Short hair, severe makeup, long pearls and drop waist dresses were the dress code for a decadent night of partying in speakeasies during the 1920s Prohibition era. Flapper beauties Louise Brooks and Josephine Baker are still style icons today.   Defined eyes When it comes to 1920s-inspired wedding makeup, it’s a bit tricky not to look clownish, especially with the heavily defined eyes, exaggerated brows and dark lips. Normally, the makeup rule of thumb is to either emphasise the eyes or lips, but not both to avoid looking overly made up. The secret to achieving a modern flapper makeup […]

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