Bright eye makeup – yes or no?

One of my favourite weddings ever was in Ibiza, where my best friend walked from aisle to isle looking absolutely radiant with her wedding gown flowing against the turquoise waters. What was also memorable was her eye makeup, a bright and beautiful splash of aquamarine shades to go with the tropical setting. It was the perfect look for her, being a fun, creative woman with a flair for the dramatic.

Brightly-coloured eye shadow is one of my favourite things in my makeup toolkit. I love playing with colour – Scarlett Johansson is my muse in this department, like when she recently attended the Parisian premiere of ‘Captain America: the Winter Soldier’ looking smouldering in purple eye shadow.

Unfortunately, not many women are keen on turning up the colour around their eyes. It’s not surprising, because done the wrong way, you could risk looking like Krusty the Clown. Neither are many brides enthusiastic about bright palettes on their wedding day, preferring the classic, natural look for a timeless effect.

Taylor Swift

Bold and beautiful

So should you dare to go bright on your big day? I say, why not? If it suits your vibrant personality, go for it. Bright eye makeup can be the best way to make a bold statement, especially if you are wearing a simple wedding gown. (If your dress is already elaborate, I’d stay away from the colour wheel – you shouldn’t overdo it and look like a colour-blind bride of Frankenstein!)

To create this look, first apply an eye shadow primer on your lids, to help the makeup set, stay put and last long. One trick is to use concealer, which makes the bright tones really pop out against a matte background.


Shadow play

When applying coloured eye shadow, remember to blend well, especially at the crease, to create a nice transition that moves from light to dark towards the eyelashes.

If you’re still uncomfortable with the rainbow hues, try coloured eyeliner in ice blue or emerald with a precise line drawn just above the lashes for a nice touch.


Finishing details

With bright eye makeup, it’s important to keep the rest of your face low-key, including lips, cheeks and hairstyle. You want to draw attention to your eyes.

Finally, finish with mascara and a bold browet voila! Beautiful and memorable, as every bride should be!

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