Fake eyelashes, at long lash!

Fun celebrity wedding fact: The false eyelashes that Kim Kardashian wore to her wedding were so popular that they were sold out soon after.

Kim Kardashian’s stunning look

Inspired now to wear falsies on your own wedding day? They may be small details but they’re a big decision. After all, if they’re not applied properly they could spell an epic makeup disaster of Elvira-like proportions.


Natural vs false

On the one hand, the “all natural” eyelash camp think it’s better to go for a natural and glowing look on your wedding. Plus, false eyelashes can be uncomfortable because they’re a bit heavy on your eyelids.

Make sure that you curl your eyelashes if going for the natural look!

But if you’re someone who isn’t blessed with naturally long eyelashes, then falsies would give you that added oomph on the big day, especially in your wedding photos.

Personally, I like the bold, dramatic look of false lashes. They look great on most women – especially if they’re applied correctly. If committing to a full set makes you uncomfortable, then I suggest trying on individual, interspersed lashes, which is what Miss Kardashian opted for. They’re not too overt and are more comfortable because they won’t weigh your eyelids down.


Practice ahead

If you have time before your wedding, then practice in advance. Like all good makeup habits, practice makes perfect! One trick is to place a mirror on a flat surface and look down on it when applying the lashes. Use an eye liner to fill in small spaces between the lash lines and mascara to blend them together.

Oh, and take selfies of yourself wearing them and judge for yourself if they suit you in photos (I bet they will!).

Of course, if you have no time to spare, it’s best to have a professional makeup artist apply them for you. Don’t forget to keep some eyelash glue handy on your wedding day, just in case you need to touch up.

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