Tips to prevent makeup meltdown

The lazy days of summer are here! But as much as I love this glorious, sun-kissed season, hot days also mean melting makeup, sliding eye liner and caking creams – not things you want to happen whether you’re the bride or the guest at any wedding!

During the summer, your makeup routine should follow this simple cardinal rule: light is right. When the temperatures are soaring, heavy foundations and creams are more likely to melt under the sun and leave your makeup a mess.  It’s best to stick to the basics. Concealer, light foundation or tinted moisturiser, loose powder, blush and waterproof mascara will be your summer’s fool proof tool kit.


Prep for success

The secret to preventing sweat from washing out your makeup is in the prep work. First, make sure that you apply makeup to a cool face. Don’t put on makeup right after a hot shower. Wait for about ten minutes, or if you don’t have time, splash your face with cold water to get it ready. Next, apply a light, oil-free moisturiser and then follow up with a face primer. A good face primer will not only make your makeup stay put, it will help reduce shine.


The soft touch

If you want to use eye shadow for a day wedding, avoid dark colours. They are prone to smudging in the summer heat and will be more noticeable. Stick to softer colours like the soft makeup palette of Natalie Portman‘s everyday look.  A good tip to keep eye shadow intact is to apply it with a damp brush. The colour will dry with a nice finish and will last longer.

Natalie Portman


Wet and dry

It goes without saying that using water-resistant formulas will save your makeup from the smudge attack. Waterproof eye liner and mascara are a must.

For lips, lightly dust your lipstick with translucent powder. Blotting paper is also a great way to absorb excess moisture and oil without ruining your makeup. Touch up during the day with loose powder, or pressed powder that is more convenient to carry around.


Inner glow

Finally, beat the heat from the inside! Make sure that you avoid eating spicy food and drink lots of water throughout the day. Your body temperature will keep its cool and your summer makeup will thank you for it.

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