Wedding makeup: read my lips or look into my eyes?

As a general makeup rule, you should emphasise either your eyes or your lips, but not both. I liken it to the basic ‘Rule of Thirds’ in photography: by placing important elements in certain points of interest, you compose a balanced photo by enabling the viewer’s eye to interact with the image more naturally.

In makeup 101, by understanding that the viewer’s eyes should focus on just one bold detail, you compose a more balanced face. You therefore shouldn’t confuse the viewer, in this case your groom and guests, by overcrowding your face with both bold eyes and lips.

Read my lips

If you have naturally full lips that would make Angelina Jolie jealous, then play it up with a bold lip colour. Most brides I work with really like the look of a classic red lipstick. Line your lips first with a lip liner, and then blend it well with your lipstick. You can also apply a shimmery colour in the middle of your lower lip to reflect just enough light for a photogenic, sultry pout. I highly suggest you choose a long-wearing lipstick; otherwise your lips will be left bare after a round of cheek kissing from table to table!

For your eyes to balance out a bold lip, you have a few good options. You can simply line just the upper eye lid and finish with voluminising mascara. A cat’s eye usually works as well. If you really can’t live without eye shadow, choose a light colour.


Say eye do

If you want your eyes to speak volumes, then best to lean on neutral colours for your lips. One wedding makeup muse to look up to is Olivia Palermo, who on her big day chose to focus on her smoky eyes and a well-defined brow, with individual false lashes placed at the corners to play up the drama. For her lips, she went for a natural pink-toned lipstick to keep the emphasis on her dramatic eyes.

Olivia Palermo’s smoky eyes

With the right balance, you’ll be sure to mesmerise your wedding guests with your best feature!

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