Make no mistake on your wedding makeup

Wedding photos are like diamonds – they last forever. If your wedding day makeup is flawless, then you won’t mind re-living the ‘I do’ with every page flip of the photo album. But this could be a never ending nightmare if you’ve committed a major makeup blunder. Avoid makeup mistakes on your wedding day by keeping this checklist in mind:

wedding makeup mistakes

Follow my checklist for perfect makeup


Don’t forget your neck (and the rest of your body)

Not blending the rest of your exposed body with your face makeup is a common and cringe-worthy mistake. If you are exposing your neck, shoulders and décolletage, make sure you don’t appear like a headless bride by applying your foundation blended with a non-transferable shimmer lotion on these parts.


Waterproof or nothing

Unless your superpower is your ability to hold back tears, then waterproof eyeliner and mascara is essential. Remember, you’ll probably cry when saying your vows and throughout the ceremony and speeches. Waterproof makeup ensures that you don’t leave your wedding with black tear stains running down your cheeks.

I hope that’s waterproof!


Emphasize your eyes or lips, but not both

Choose your best feature, your eyes or lips, and play them up, but don’t overcrowd your face by making them both bold, or else you’ll look overly made up.


Shine is your enemy

Even a hint of shine on your forehead can be caught with a camera flash. Remember to bring powder or oil blotting papers during the big day.


Leave the cake at the dessert table

Many brides think that layering on the cake foundation will make them look better in photos. The opposite is almost always true – you risk emphasizing tiny wrinkles as the makeup gets into the creases. For a natural, dewy look, use liquid foundation.


Avoid makeup disasters with a makeup trial

Finally, all these makeup nightmares can be avoided with a makeup trial booked weeks before your wedding day. Ask a friend to take lots of photos (with flash!) to take note of possible trouble spots.

Follow my tips and there’ll be no cringing for you as you go through your wedding album years from now!

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