Oil away: how to stop the shining

Oily skin is a problem I’ve learned to live with,though my skin gradually got better with age, the oily T-Zone troubles remained. It helps to know that I’m not alone – countless other women of all ages worldwide share this same problem. Even celebs like Renee Zellweger have spoken about their oily skin! Excessive oil is particularly a nightmare for brides as it leads to makeup meltdown, plus each camera flash can highlight a shiny forehead or nose. Fortunately, there are many products out in the market that help keep the slick situation under control. There’s no need to worry about your wedding makeup!

No need to worry about oily skin after reading my tips!


Decrease the grease

Many factors cause oily skin. Genetics, stress, menstrual cycles, hormonal imbalances, a change of diet and using the wrong makeup for your skin type are all possible causes.

If you don’t have a good skincare routine in place then you may want to kickstart an oil-free one weeks before your wedding. Incorporate an oil-free cleanser containing salicylic acid, which is helpful for gently cleaning and exfoliating oily skin. Follow up with a toner and oil-free moisturizer plus sun protection during the day. Remember, just because you have oily skin doesn’t mean you should skip the moisturizer! A little oil is necessary for your face to keep it from looking dull. Over-cleansing your skin may aggravate your problem as your sebaceous glands will go on overdrive to compensate for the lack of oil.

Don’t over-cleanse your face!


Oil-free formulas

Before applying your makeup, use an oil absorbent or mattifying primer to absorb excess oil and minimize pores. For your wedding, tell your makeup artist to avoid cream foundation and instead use an oil-free one.

Bring oil blotting papers that you can use discretely throughout the ceremony. They effectively absorb oil while keeping your makeup intact. Remember to do a face blot before the official photos, before you walk down the aisle and before you enter the reception area, as these are the prime times when the camera bulbs will start flashing.

The good news about having oily skin – we are less prone to wrinkles as we age. Worth the lifetime battle over oil!

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