Wedding look: go pro with a makeup artist

During those nerve-wracking but exciting months building up to your wedding day, stretching your budget increasingly starts to become a concern. I know some women who, in order to save, considered cutting out the professional makeup artist and doing the task themselves.

Personally, however, I think hiring a good makeup artist will be one of the best wedding investments you will ever make. I remember a wedding ceremony I attended where the bride appeared to have a floating head! She broke one of the makeup commandments by not blending her foundation with her neck. You wouldn’t want to commit the same amateur mistake!

A professional makeup artist knows how to work with your skin tone, face shape and contours. She is armed with the right tools to highlight your best features, conceal your flaws and make your makeup stay on as long as possible. A pro will also work with the different conditions of the wedding ceremony, considering things like natural or indoor lighting, flash photography, and even weather conditions.

A makeup artist has everything you need

A makeup artist will keep the conditions of your wedding in mind


Ask around

Ask your friends or family, or even your wedding coordinator for referrals (I’ve met many of my clients this way!). When contacting these artists for the first meeting, tell them to bring their portfolio so you can see their past work and point out which makeup looks you like best.


Trial and error-free

After selecting your makeup artist, ask for a makeup trial. Make sure you bring photos and brief them on details of the wedding (time, date, estimated duration). A good sign of a real pro is if they take down notes about your personal preferences and requests.

Be sure to have a makeup trial


Communicate openly

Remember, a two-way, open communication is important. I try to develop a more personal relationship with my clients by interviewing them first to get to know their personality. That way, I don‘t lay on bold eye colours on a naturally shy woman. I also encourage my clients to be as honest with me as possible.

Honesty is crucial. If you don’t like the final look, say so! That way you can work together towards a look that will make you feel your absolute best on your big day.

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