I dream of Indian wedding makeup

Elaborate jewellery, colourful dresses and vibrant dances. Indian weddings, just like a Bollywood fantasy, are certainly not understated occasions! Unlike their Western counterparts, Indian weddings are usually a week-long and lavish affair, with pre-ceremony gatherings and cocktails calling for different dresses and makeup.

Ok, so you may not be Indian, or even have Indian descent, but you can draw inspiration from the distinctive Indian makeup style, particularly in the deep, dark eyes and colourful palettes. With certain makeup tricks, you can recall the diverse cultural beauty of the native land of Mindi Kaling, Padma Lakshmi and Aishwarya Rai.

Be inspired by Indian wedding makeup!


The eyes have it

The most distinct feature in Indian makeup look is the dramatic, darkly defined eyes, accented with a splash of colour.

Remember to use eyeshadow primer to keep eye makeup intact and vibrant for the long ceremony. Use a black kohl pencil to line the eyelids and lash line, and then use black liquid eyeliner to draw the distinctive cat eye ‘flick’ on the outer corners of the eye. (This may take some practise if you’re not accustomed to using liquid liner!) Use false eyelashes to add to the dramatic look, and make sure that you fill in the spaces between with the liquid liner.


Shadows and colour

For the eyelids, use a highlighter on the brow bone to make the area stand out. Apply a darker shade (in dark brown or coppery tones) on the crease to give your eyes depth. Colour the eyelid with eyeshadow in a more neutral shade, with a touch of shimmer. Make sure that you blend all shades well to create a seamless look.

Don’t be afraid of using bold eyeshadow colours – these are used to match the bride’s colourful wedding dress! Apply them as a final touch just below the lower lash line for that bright touch of colour.

I love all the colours!

Dark eyebrows finish off the smouldering look. To achieve this, use a dark brown eyebrow pencil and smudge.

Finally, apply rose pink lip gloss so as not to overpower your face.

If bright colours and liquid liner are a little beyond your makeup skills, I suggest you consult your makeup artist to play around with looks that best suit you in time for the big day.

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