Wedding makeup: foundation base basics

When I was younger, I was guilty of hoarding unused foundation. An old drawer held proof of my trial-and-error teenage years, formulas that were either too light that made me look pasty, or too dark that made me look like I stuck my face – and only my face – inside a tanning booth. How little did I know back then about Foundation 101! Most of the time, the harsh department store lights were the culprit as they aren’t the correct lighting conditions for choosing the right foundation. You can be spared of these foundation woes by taking note of these important tips before heading to the makeup shop.

Don’t trust the department store lights!


Skin tone savvy

The most important thing you have to know is your skin tone. A warm skin tone has more yellow and olive undertones, while a cool skin tone has more reds and pinks.
Daylight is your friend. Study your bare face under daylight and determine what tones you have. Compare your face with your neck, hands, shoulders and chest. Study the colour of your veins – if your veins are green then you’re a warm, while blue or purple veins make you a cool.


Passing the test

When trying a new foundation, the best place to test it on is at the back of your jawline and onto the side of your neck (the part right in front of your lower ear). The right foundation shade should look even and natural, and blend in with your neck.  It is important to examine this under daylight to determine if the shade looks realistic. Ask the store for take home samples; they are usually happy to give them away.

Brides, take note: try to avoid getting a suntan a few weeks before your wedding. You should use the same foundation for your wedding day as the one used in your makeup trial. That way, you know it blends well with your face and you have tested its durability. Ask a friend to take photos of you under different lights to make sure that your foundation looks natural.

Take lots of photos from all angles.

There are tons of online makeup tutorials to help you with your foundation quest. British makeup artist Lisa Eldridge has a very informative series on YouTube focused on foundation.

Good luck! Just like finding the right husband, it needs a degree of patience, but when you finally find the one, you stick to it.

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