Makeup commandments for your skin type

We’ve all committed makeup sins in the past. Wearing the wrong foundation, applying too much lipstick or forgetting to blend your neck with the rest of your face. But if there’s one makeup commandment that many women still break, it’s wearing the wrong makeup for your skin type. The wrong formula can actually aggravate your skin and highlight problem areas.

You can't just put anything on your face!

You can’t just put anything on your face!

First, determine your skin type: normal, oily, dry or combination. Keep in mind that there is still a broad spectrum to consider, like sensitive, acne-prone or allergic skin type, in which case consulting a dermatologist would be advisable.

For the lucky women blessed with normal skin, a simple regular skincare routine is needed. Touch ups during the day are kept to a minimum, thanks to the absence of excess oil. Remember to pre-moisturise skin before applying makeup and bring loose powder during the hotter, more humid months.


Keep shine under control

Oily skin gets shiny a couple of hours after makeup application and requires regular touch ups. Avoid creams and moisturisers that can add on the grease. Stick to water-based products and use an oil-absorbent or mattifying primer before applying makeup. Oily skin tends to have enlarged pores at the nose or cheeks, so a pore-reducing formula is recommended. Bring along loose or pressed powder during the day, plus oil-absorbent paper to combat the greasies.

Combination skin gets oily in the nose, forehead and chin and dry on the cheeks. As with oily skin, avoid using creams or oil-based formulas in problem areas, and use oil-absorbent primers or mattifiers before applying foundation with loose powder touch ups during the day.

The good news about oily and combination skin: less wrinkles as you age!


Cream team

Dry skin needs to be kept moisturised before applying makeup. Use formulas with extra moisturising ingredients like aloe. Creamy foundations, blush and concealers work best with dry skin types, and can last throughout the day without much touch ups.

Creamy concealers help your face stay moisturised.

Don’t forget to change your makeup according to the season. Colder months can dry up skin calling for an extra moisturising strategy while hotter weather can cause greasier skin, and thus need more oil-absorbing tactics!

Have you been using the right makeup for your skin type?

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