What’s your Shape?

Have you ever wondered how you’re going to find that perfect dress for the big day? Or what is really the difference between a mermaid and a trumpet? Well don’t worry because we’re here to help you decipher the world of bridal gowns. There are certain styles of dresses that look flattering on each and every body type. Throughout this post we’ll help you understand your amazing body type, and what kind of dress style that you might want to consider when looking for your wedding gown. Let’s get started!

So to begin, no one has exactly the same body shape, but we can categorize all of our body shapes. There are roughly five different body shapes: hourglass, triangle, inverted triangle, rectangle, and apple. Hourglass shapes have hips and shoulders that are similar in size with a well defined waist. A triangle body has hips wider than the shoulders. An inverted triangle has the shoulders wider than the hips. Rectangle body shapes have their shoulders, hips and waist all similar in size. And finally our apple body shapes may also be known as voluptuous. They have a fuller figure with loads of curves.

Now that we’ve covered the different body types, let’s talk about dresses. There are roughly six different styles of wedding dresses a bride can choose from. There is a Ballgown, A-line, Trumpet/Fit&Flare, Mermaid, Sheath or Empire. Of course each style of dress can have a different neckline or sleeve on it, so those choices are up to you. But just in case you aren’t too sure about what those designs look like, lets do a quick review.

A Ballgown is the fairytale look that some brides thrive for. It has a fitted bodice, usually with a corset and has a waistline that flares out to a full skirt.


An A-line gown has a fitted bodice that floats to the ground with an the figure of the dress resembling an ‘A’.

A Trumpet dress is often mistaken for a mermaid dress. A trumpet dress fits close to the body and softly flares out at the mid-hip until the hem.

A Mermaid dress fits close to the body as well, but it doesn’t flare out until below the knee.

A Sheath dress fits closely to the curves of the body, but does not actually have a waist line and it has a straight skirt.


An Empire dress has a high waistline that sits just below the bust line. With flowy pleats, the gown normally floats away from the body down to the floor.


Now to talk about your shape and your dress. If you have a hourglass shape you should consider a sheath dress, a ball gown, mermaid or a trumpet gown. Just remember that your height does play an important factor, if you are on the shorter side, wearing too big of a gown might overwhelm you. For our triangle body shape ladies, consider an A-line, Empire or Ball-Gown. If you are self-conscious of your hips any of these styles of dresses will be very flattering and hide what you think might be a problem area.

If your shoulders are wider than your hips balance your frame our with a Ball-Gown, a Mermaid dress, a Trumpet, or a short dress such as a Tea-length or shorter if you dare. For our ladies who feel a little curve-less, go for an Empire, A-line or Sheath dress. This will create the illusion of curves and compliment your figure. Finally, for our full of curves women, we suggest trying an Empire or a Ball-Gown. This will create elongate the silhouette accentuating the curves and create the illusion of a smaller waist.

Now this article isn’t a list of rules that are set in stone that you have to follow. These are just suggestions if you feel a little overwhelmed trying to narrow down the style of your wedding gown. Just remember that this is your big day, and you should wear what you feel beautiful in. You can always stop by our shop in the OXO Tower and find out which style of dress works best for you too.

Enough of me talking though, I want to hear from you. Do any of you have any other advice when it comes to wedding dress shopping?

Thank you so much for reading our first post and be sure to stop by each week to get a taste of something new.


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