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Mother of the Bride

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15 Sep 14

Do It Yourself Centerpieces – Shower to Wedding

Let’s face it…weddings are expensive, and they always seem to cost more than we expect, OR budget… One way to save is by making ‘Do it Yourself Centerpieces.’ In the top photo, the mother of the groom made these delightful centerpieces for the Rehearsal Dinner.  She started with mason jars, then created a mercury glass mirror effect to give the jars an antique look and feel. If you’d like to have the recipe/directions,  click on the following link:  http://www.hgtv.com/handmade/easily-make-your-own-mercury-glass-votives/index.html,  They were beautiful, and added a gently refined air to the tables…AND “It was a nice way to repurpose used glass jars, vases and volitives,” to quote Debbie, mother of the groom.  The picture below showcases the finished product in more detail. Consider using items you already have on hand at home.  For my daughter’s bridal shower, the groom’s mother, the ever creative Debbie, used my collection of teapots as vases […]

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13 Sep 14

Your Wedding Pictures… ‘Yes There IS An App For That!’

Ahhh, your wedding pictures…YES!   There IS an app for that!   Wedding pictures are a source of great joy, nostalgia, and stress.  We live in a new age of technology – duh! – and some of your best pictures, or more natural ones at least, may just be caught by a guest with a smart phone. Older generation…remember the days when your guests probably brought along a camera to your wedding, and MAYBE 6 to 12 months later you saw prints?  And THEN, you had to beg, borrow, or steal the negative to make copies of those pictures you liked?  No more.  It’s now the age of instant gratification. And yes, there IS an app for that!  “Wedpics”  wedpics.com  is an app available for the iPhone and Android.  The bride creates her free app, provides her guests with her wedding ID via text/email/FB to send her pictures and then […]

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10 Sep 14

Pamper Those Out-Of-Town Wedding Guests!

Pamper those out -of -town wedding guests! If you are having wedding guests who are traveling and you can not accommodate them in your home, reserve a block of hotel rooms in your area NOW.  You can usually get a discounted rate, and if you meet the room number goal they set for you, you just may get a free room for your wedding night, or a room for the bride to dress in on her big day.  That is what my daughter did. We had several family members staying with us in our home, and she didn’t want to share a bath, and didn’t want to frazzle us with ‘wedding day jitters.”   Another nice touch, is to create gift bags for your out-of-town wedding guests.  I had no time to do this, but Debbie, mother of the groom did.  Her bag’s were a thing of beauty.  And the […]

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08 Sep 14

More Wedding Dress Bustle Ideas

Even more wedding dress bustles???  Yes, there are at least three more types, in addition to the three I posted in my blog post, “Wedding Dress Bustles…A Must If You Wear A Train”  Just click on the title to the left if you’d like to read it. The Pick-Up Bustle is for slender, fitted gowns.  The train is much shorter.   There is usually one hook at the back of the gown in the center.  The train is gathered in two sections, and there are two holes at the bottom of the train, which hook onto one button around the bride’s derrière. The French Pick-Up Bustle is a combination of the french and the pick -up bustles.  It sports one hook underneath the train. The train is then folded in half with the bottom half under the dress. The American Bustle  is also called the “outer bustle.”.  It has hook and loop sets, […]

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04 Sep 14

Wedding Dress Bustles, A Must If You Wear A Train

  What is a wedding dress bustle, and do you need one?  A bustle is a way of drawing up your train so you can walk freely around your reception without being a hazard to yourself and others.  There are six main types.  Not only must you consider the aesthetics of the bustle, but the size of your train, your dress style and the weight of your dress fabric.  My daughter wanted and “American” bustle, but due to the heaviness of her fabric needed a “French” Bustle. The six main types of bustles are: Over Bustle, Tufted Bustle, French Bustle, Pick-up Bustle, American Bustle and French Pick-up Bustle.   The Over Bustle, also known as a Ballroom Bustle, hides the train, and makes the wedding gown look just like a ballroom gown.  Hooks or buttons are attached at the gown’s waistline, then hooks are attached on the train to button […]

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03 Sep 14

Wedding Gown Trains – Even MORE Choices…

  If you opt for a wedding gown train, you have many choices.  In yesterday’s post, “Wedding Gown Trains, So Many Options!” (click on the title if you’d like to read the post, you may even want to check out: “Wedding Dress Trains – to Have or Have Not.” – and even earlier blog post)  I talked about the the Sweep, Court, Panel and Watteau Trains.   Today, I’ll tell you about the Chapel, Cathedral, Royal, and Monarch trains.   The Chapel Train is 3 and a half feel long.  It is measured from the waist.  This train is formal, but not unwieldy. It gives a bride a graceful silhouette. The Cathedral Train is 6 and a half to 7 and a half feet long, also measured from the waist.  If a bride chooses this train length, and she wishes to wear a veil, she needs to select a cathedral length […]

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03 Sep 14

Wedding Gown Trains…So Many Options!

  When I started researching wedding gown trains, I did not realize there were so many options…and I’m “Mother of the Bride”!  Thanks to Jenny Evans at www.wedding.lds.com, I gleaned much information. First up, is the “Sweep” or “Brush” length train.  It is most often less than a foot and a half long.  This train just dusts the ground. It became popular in the 21 st century, and is the perfect compliment to the relaxed rustic type wedding that has become popular in the United States.  It would fit right in a “Barn Wedding” theme. The next length is the “Court Train“.  It, like the “Sweep” train, extends from the waist, not the hemline.  This style can hide a brides imperfections around the waistline, or hide a tiny waist – so give this option some thought.  It can change your silhouette. “Panel Train” – This is not part of your dress. […]

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01 Sep 14

Wedding Dress Trains – To Have or Have Not…

  Wedding Dress Trains, the stuff of fairy tales… There are countless options for wedding gowns.  A train is just one of them.  For my daughter, Maggie, a train was a high priority.  She found a beautiful gown she loved on Pintrest.  We went to the nearest large bridal boutique and tried it on.  It was exquisite.  But she was uncertain…  Our next step was to travel to New York City and visit the famous bridal boutique, Kleinfeld’s, featured on American Television’s TLC program, “Say Yes To The Dress.”  If you’d like to read my blog entry on THAT experience, click, “HERE”, and “HERE” for Kleinfeld’s, Part II.   The dress Maggie loved looked just as lovely on her the second time she tried it on.  Before our trip to NYC, she had contacted the gown’s manufacture in Canada, and found they would ship it to our home for only […]

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30 Aug 14

American Wedding Dances – Get Your Groove On!

  American Wedding Dances…. First up, “The Dollar Dance.”  I don’t know if other communities have the “Dollar Dance,” tradition, but our little town of Ojai, CA does, or at least it DID, thirty years ago.  I told my parents before my wedding that I really didn’t want it.  One of my dad’s friends stepped in at the reception, and over-ruled me, however.  And truth be told, I’m glad he did… This is how it works…simple, really… The DJ, or front man of your band, announces, “It’s time for the ‘Dollar Dance!’”  Then the bride and the groom go to the dance floor, and guests form two lines – one for the bride, and one for the groom.  If you want to dance with them, you pay a dollar.  But no one pays just a dollar. We made out like bandits!  It was nice pocket money for the honeymoon.  But […]

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28 Aug 14

“American Bridal Shower Gifts”

            American Bridal Showers  - this is a party where female guests of the bride literally “shower”  her with gifts.   Shower gifts are typically simple in nature – practical if you will.  But the presents can range anywhere from a set of mixing bowls to a Waterford picture frame.  There are many shower types – a kitchen shower, personal shower (where the bride is gifted with all matters of personal wear from bras to negligés).  There are kitchen showers, round the clock showers, (at this type of party, each guest is assigned an hour of the day.  Then she brings a gift corresponding to the time), and Jack and Jill showers (this party includes  friends and guests of both the bride and groom). So what does the ‘Mother of the Bride’ give her daughter at her bridal shower?  In a previous post, ‘The Best […]

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