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Mother of the Bride

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28 Jan 16

Wedding Trends 2016

  brides.com Naked Cake Wedding Trends 2016 …What’s old is new again…right?  Apparently…the once passé “Naked Cake” is baaaaackkk… I think they’re rather cleaver, and while it probably wouldn’t be MY first choice, being the traditionalist I am… I like the naked cake, and appreciate its beauty.  If you’d like to read an older blog post on “the naked wedding cake”, click on the following link.  Naked Cake Photo: Brklyn View Photography Cocktail Party/Station Receptions What else is new on the horizon of weddings for 2016?  The cocktail party/station reception, INSTEAD of a formal sit down dinner will be big.  I have long been a proponent of this.  If you get a caterer’s package which includes passed hors de oeuvres, and other cocktail hour stations, you KNOW that by the time dinner is served, your guests aren’t all that hungry.  Their dinner and your money is, at times, wasted.  My husband […]

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16 Nov 15

Wedding Day Must Do’s!

Please visit my website: motherofthebrideweddingplanner.com if you’re planning a wedding in the United States (East Coast). 10 Wedding Day Must Do’s!  All photos:  Hannah Colt unless otherwise noted. 1.  Dance.  Not just your first dance with your husband, or the “Daddy-Daughter Dance” but with your sister, brother, mom, grandma, friends, old Uncle Joe, etc.  You just may get a picture like the one below… (my four daughters dancing together)…  :-) (This photo is actually mine – a high point in my life’s memories…)2.  If there is entertainment at your wedding, i.e., a photo booth, or slow motion camera, participate.  You’ll enjoy yourself, and the photos will be lasting memories.  Here is my daughter, Kathleen, below, having a heck of a good time!3.  Have a private moment with your dad, or your special male role model. 4.  I know you want to get into the reception and get the ‘party started’ but […]

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06 Sep 15

A Third Wedding Dress?

A third wedding dress?  Would you really be that extravagant?  Some brides these days are.  According to www.theknot.com, it’s quite the new trend.  A blurb from theknot.com follows below: “Why have one dress when you can have three? We’ve heard of brides changing their dress for the reception or late night for the after-party. Now, a few fashion-forward brides are actually choosing three different gowns for each part of the day. Imagine a ball gown for the ceremony, a sleek sheath for the reception and then a short, feathery minidress for the after-party. It sounds like a lot, but for some brides who just can’t decide, this is a fun trend to try.” weddingblogbythebreakers.com It might be a “fun” trend to try…but I think it might break the bank.  And remember, not only would you encounter the price of the dress, but alterations and accessories, read: shoes, jewelry, etc.  There are […]

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27 Aug 15

Wedding Programs

If you choose to have wedding programs, keep in mind that they can be as different as weddings and brides themselves.  For example, look at the front and back of my daughter Maggie’s program, and then at my next bride’s, Kathleen’s.  Night and Day.  Maggie’s were much more formal, going along with her wedding style, whereas KK’s were more casual both in color and printing. And KK’s programs served a dual purpose — yes, I had them made into fans.  Although we had such lovely weather, and were not over warm at the church.  How many to order?  Well, we had several left over at Maggie’s wedding, so I ordered one per couple for Kathleen’s.  We had plenty. After searching the internet for the best program design and for the best deal, I chose a style from Etsy.com  We used this internet marketplace for many wedding items, and I was never […]

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10 Jul 15

Advice to My Daughter

Advice to my daughter… On your wedding day, my daughter Kathleen, you will inherit the platinum art deco engagement ring of your great-grandmother.  Tradition dictates that it goes to the first born daughter of each new generation.  While not of great monetary value, it is great of sentiment. I was so concerned, during my tenure with the ring, of protecting it for the next generation, that I rarely wore it.  Yes it is old and fragile, being just twelve years shy of it’s century mark, but wear it. I will pass the ring on to you on your wedding day, as it was to me from my mother, but while I do so with a glad heart, I also feel a mild sense of loss.  I really don’t know the ring, and never made it mine.  Make it yours, wear it, enjoy it, and all the while, take good care. […]

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11 May 15

Make Your Wedding Bouquet YOURS

www.stylemepretty.com How will you make your bouquet YOURS?  When you start to think about this, and do a little research, there are actually many ways.  The above photo, with the remnants of a wedding veil, MUST have a story…my guess is that the bride is honoring a beloved family member who was unable to attend her wedding – maybe a mother or grandmother? A bride’s bouquet is a beautiful way to add a sentimental wisp of whimsy to your wedding. www.flowergirlsoftulsa.com How about the lavender and white bouquet above?  I love the pearl necklace woven through the blossoms.  I’m sure it has some special meaning, belonged to someone dear to the bride. craftyourownwedding.com The white ball of flowers above is embellished with vintage rhinestone broaches.  Broaches?  You know…the pins older ladies used to wear.  Queen Elizabeth, Queen of England, is a serial broach wearer. :-) www.w-weddingflowers.com The image of the […]

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29 Mar 15

Alternatives To Wedding Veils

I had no idea…and I mean NO IDEA… of the vast options available for the bride who wants something different from the traditional wedding veil!  Alternatives to wedding veils  –  the choices are endless!   www.farrellandchase.com (photo #1)   www.pininterst.com  (photo #2)       madisonplus.com (photo #3) The most common alternative seems to be some sort of netting covering the eyes, like the two photos above.  Commonly called a “Blusher,” word on the street is that it’s making a come-back.  Coincidently, “blusher” is the name of the short “mini” veil the traditional  bride wears over her face these days, while a much longer, more intricate fabric of gauze trails behind her.  While I am a traditionalist, and I think “veil” equals “bride,” I must admit the smaller, more tailored style allows focus to be on the bride’s beautiful hair, make-up and dress.       thebridalwishlist.blogspot.com (photo #4) Photo number 4 is merely an embellished headband, but what […]

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02 Feb 15

Wedding Cupcakes?

  Will you have a wedding cake…a fake cake…or wedding cupcakes?  We all know what a wedding cake looks like – no surprises there.  It’s a beautiful, but very traditional choice.  You can’t miss.  Everyone loves the pageantry of the bride and groom cutting the cake, feeding each other – and don’t forget the all important pictures. What’s a “fake cake”, you may ask. Click “FAKE CAKE” and read my post about them…   Cupcakes are a big deal now.  There are bakeries that sell nothing but cupcakes, there are cooking shows devoted to cupcake bake-offs.  The advantages to cupcakes over a conventional cake are many.  The bride can have many more flavor and frosting choices – something for everyone!  There are even vegan options available. In the photos above, there is a nice combination of “Traditional Wedding Cake” and cupcakes.  The top layer is a cake for the bridal […]

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02 Feb 15

Colored Accessories For The Bride

      Colored accessories for the Bride?  Sooo…You’re not a fan of  white.  And as the bride, you want to add a splash color to your ensemble.  Not hard at all, and surprisingly, there are many options.  Take the bride in the top photo.  I’m not sure if I’d wear it, but she incorporates her “Something Blue” nicely with her veil.  I think maybe a paler blue would be a softer touch, by maybe she was going for a color contrast with her white gown. What about a tulle slip to highlight your own personal sense of sass, and the color theme of your wedding?  I think the above photo is very fun.  Maybe shoes to match?  Granted, a ball gown type of wedding dress would be required to adequately pull this look off, but it’s sure cute. A bride can always choose to brighten the ‘all white’ standard […]

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09 Dec 14

Unique and Beautiful Wedding Bouquet

Of course you want a unique and beautiful wedding bouquet.  It’s what every bride wants.  But how far are you willing to go to be different?  Would you consider any of the options on this page?   If I had it to do all over again, I might consider the top bouquet made of succulents.  These lovely plants are native to the West where I was born and raised.  I think it would be a nice tribute to my roots.  But that is NOW.  When my husband and I got married 31  years ago, my mind-set was on soft and romantic – which the succulent bouquet is not. Another option is the origami bouquet below.  Please read the included blurb from theweddingscoop.com.  If you click on the link, you can check out the instructions on how to DIY.  I think one would have to be quite talented for this creation…but the […]

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