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Mother of the Bride

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27 Sep 14

Save the Date…Magnet, Postcard, Formal Card or Email?

etsy.com The “Save the Date” card is now de rigor for the wedding ensemble.  And when you think about it, it makes sense.  As busy as everyone’s lives are, the more advance notice a bride can give her guests, the better.  Which reminds me…I need to get KK and Tyler’s sent out… So add one more decision to the bucket of “To Do’s.”  You have to decide on which type of “Save the Date” you want to send.  This sets the tone of your wedding, really.  If you’re planning a relaxed affair, your “Save the Date” should reflect that.  If it will be formal, give your guests a heads up so they can plan proper attire. Do you want to give your guests a chuckle, or do you want your “Save the Date” to be functional? The top photo is from etsy.com.  You can insert your photos into this calendar magnet. […]

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24 Sep 14

Do You Know How to Cut a Wedding Cake? Do You Need To?

Do you know how to cut a wedding cake?  Do you need to know?  Probably not…but one NEVER knows…It is quite an art.  Even if you never have to cut your own wedding cake, or that of another bride’s, it’s interesting.  The top layer of a wedding cake is never counted in the “number of pieces” that a cake will serve.  At least in American, the top layer of the wedding cake is taken down as soon as the bridal couple “Cut the Cake” and feed each other a bite.  It is then kept in a safe place until it can be preserved and stored for the newlyweds to enjoy on their first anniversary.  I posted an earlier blog post: “Preserving the Top Layer of Your Wedding Cake” on the process.  If you would like to read it, just click on the title. Wedding cake slices are much smaller portions that one […]

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22 Sep 14

Must Your Bridesmaids Shoes Match?

I have four daughters.  When daughter number two became engaged, she of course asked her three sisters to be bridesmaids.  Lots of drama in the house with a bride and three bridesmaids in residence.  You may think the bridesmaids’ dress was the main topic of conversation…well, you’d be wrong.  It was the shoes!  There were four very different ideas, well FIVE if you count mine…  So I ask you, “Must The Bridesmaids Shoes Match?” In the photo above, from the bridaldetective.com, all the bridesmaids are wearing different shoes, but they are the same shade of red.  I happen to love this.  It flows, but allows for individual tastes, comfort, and age appropriateness. The bridesmaids and shoes can also be a way for the bride to express her color scheme or theme.  The picture below, from theweddingspecialist.net, shows how a bride used her attendants shoes to create a unique color scheme and tone […]

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20 Sep 14

What Your Wedding Veil Says About You

What your wedding veil says about you…  Provided you choose to wear a veil and a “blusher” (a blusher is the netting that goes over your face)…You need to consider what your coiffeur will look like once your veil is removed.  Will you remove your headpiece?  The headpiece is the part of the veil that the netting is attached to.  If you’re a royal bride, you’ll wear a tiara.  If you’re a regular bride – maybe a crown of orange blossoms.  If you’re an American bride, anything goes.  My daughter, Maggie, is in the photo above.  She is wearing her own veil, (cathedral length), and my headpiece.  Her vision was to always take the veil and headpiece off for the reception.  It would be too cumbersome to wear all night.  She needed to make sure her hairstyle was up the formality of the event.  And it was.  Her hair style was […]

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15 Sep 14

Do It Yourself Centerpieces – Shower to Wedding

Let’s face it…weddings are expensive, and they always seem to cost more than we expect, OR budget… One way to save is by making ‘Do it Yourself Centerpieces.’ In the top photo, the mother of the groom made these delightful centerpieces for the Rehearsal Dinner.  She started with mason jars, then created a mercury glass mirror effect to give the jars an antique look and feel. If you’d like to have the recipe/directions,  click on the following link:  http://www.hgtv.com/handmade/easily-make-your-own-mercury-glass-votives/index.html,  They were beautiful, and added a gently refined air to the tables…AND “It was a nice way to repurpose used glass jars, vases and volitives,” to quote Debbie, mother of the groom.  The picture below showcases the finished product in more detail. Consider using items you already have on hand at home.  For my daughter’s bridal shower, the groom’s mother, the ever creative Debbie, used my collection of teapots as vases […]

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13 Sep 14

Your Wedding Pictures… ‘Yes There IS An App For That!’

Ahhh, your wedding pictures…YES!   There IS an app for that!   Wedding pictures are a source of great joy, nostalgia, and stress.  We live in a new age of technology – duh! – and some of your best pictures, or more natural ones at least, may just be caught by a guest with a smart phone. Older generation…remember the days when your guests probably brought along a camera to your wedding, and MAYBE 6 to 12 months later you saw prints?  And THEN, you had to beg, borrow, or steal the negative to make copies of those pictures you liked?  No more.  It’s now the age of instant gratification. And yes, there IS an app for that!  “Wedpics”  wedpics.com  is an app available for the iPhone and Android.  The bride creates her free app, provides her guests with her wedding ID via text/email/FB to send her pictures and then […]

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10 Sep 14

Pamper Those Out-Of-Town Wedding Guests!

Pamper those out -of -town wedding guests! If you are having wedding guests who are traveling and you can not accommodate them in your home, reserve a block of hotel rooms in your area NOW.  You can usually get a discounted rate, and if you meet the room number goal they set for you, you just may get a free room for your wedding night, or a room for the bride to dress in on her big day.  That is what my daughter did. We had several family members staying with us in our home, and she didn’t want to share a bath, and didn’t want to frazzle us with ‘wedding day jitters.”   Another nice touch, is to create gift bags for your out-of-town wedding guests.  I had no time to do this, but Debbie, mother of the groom did.  Her bag’s were a thing of beauty.  And the […]

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08 Sep 14

More Wedding Dress Bustle Ideas

Even more wedding dress bustles???  Yes, there are at least three more types, in addition to the three I posted in my blog post, “Wedding Dress Bustles…A Must If You Wear A Train”  Just click on the title to the left if you’d like to read it. The Pick-Up Bustle is for slender, fitted gowns.  The train is much shorter.   There is usually one hook at the back of the gown in the center.  The train is gathered in two sections, and there are two holes at the bottom of the train, which hook onto one button around the bride’s derrière. The French Pick-Up Bustle is a combination of the french and the pick -up bustles.  It sports one hook underneath the train. The train is then folded in half with the bottom half under the dress. The American Bustle  is also called the “outer bustle.”.  It has hook and loop sets, […]

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04 Sep 14

Wedding Dress Bustles, A Must If You Wear A Train

  What is a wedding dress bustle, and do you need one?  A bustle is a way of drawing up your train so you can walk freely around your reception without being a hazard to yourself and others.  There are six main types.  Not only must you consider the aesthetics of the bustle, but the size of your train, your dress style and the weight of your dress fabric.  My daughter wanted and “American” bustle, but due to the heaviness of her fabric needed a “French” Bustle. The six main types of bustles are: Over Bustle, Tufted Bustle, French Bustle, Pick-up Bustle, American Bustle and French Pick-up Bustle.   The Over Bustle, also known as a Ballroom Bustle, hides the train, and makes the wedding gown look just like a ballroom gown.  Hooks or buttons are attached at the gown’s waistline, then hooks are attached on the train to button […]

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03 Sep 14

Wedding Gown Trains – Even MORE Choices…

  If you opt for a wedding gown train, you have many choices.  In yesterday’s post, “Wedding Gown Trains, So Many Options!” (click on the title if you’d like to read the post, you may even want to check out: “Wedding Dress Trains – to Have or Have Not.” – and even earlier blog post)  I talked about the the Sweep, Court, Panel and Watteau Trains.   Today, I’ll tell you about the Chapel, Cathedral, Royal, and Monarch trains.   The Chapel Train is 3 and a half feel long.  It is measured from the waist.  This train is formal, but not unwieldy. It gives a bride a graceful silhouette. The Cathedral Train is 6 and a half to 7 and a half feet long, also measured from the waist.  If a bride chooses this train length, and she wishes to wear a veil, she needs to select a cathedral length […]

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