“Antique Wedding Dresses”




My good friend, Debbie – Rob’s mom – asked me to attend a Bridal Faire last weekend.  (More on that tomorrow)This Faire was special, as they had an exhibit of antique wedding dresses.  They were all in a form of ivory, but I think that was due to age, instead of color choice.  Which is your favorite dress?  Mine is the very last picture – keep scrolling…  I just love it.

Apparently, the tradition of brides wearing white did not come into fashion until 1840- after Queen Victoria of England wore white for her wedding dress.  The story goes that she had some white lace she favored and wanted to use in on her dress.  She decided to have the entire dress made to match.

Ladies, if you had to do it over again, would your dress be the same design as your original gown? Mine would not.  While at the time I LOVED my dress, I think it was unadorned to the point of being plain.  I now wish there had been some lace, or other embellishment.  But, ah, that’s what daughters are for…we get to relive some things, and change others…

Top photo: weddingmarketplace.com

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