“You Are Cordially Invited…”


Let me introduce myself…I am “The Mother of the Bride”.  I have four daughters and like most women, wear many hats…writer, blogger, mother, wife.

The inevitable happened.  One of my daughters became engaged.  This meant WEDDING!!!  The picture above is of  my second daughter, Maggie and her fiancé, Robert.

I cordially invite you to join Robert, Maggie and our whole family as we embark on our journey toward the big day.  I’ll let you in on money saving tips, embarrassing anecdotes, fashion trends, special family traditions, along with pictures to match.   I’ll write daily, and at the end, the Wedding Day, I promise you  will feel you know us all.  I hold very little back.  So join us.  No RSVP required, just drop in when you can!

Tomorrow, join us as we travel to the world renown bridal salon, Kleinfelfds, in New York, where the TLC reality television series, “Say Yes to the Dress” is filmed.  Did Maggie say, “Yes to the Dress?  Check back tomorrow to find out!

In the picture below: Left to right, Julia, KK, Maggie, and Tess – my four daughters


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