“Flower Girl???”



ifty-one years ago, I was tapped to be the flower girl at my aunt’s wedding.  My mother was SO excited!  What mother does NOT want her her daughter to be “the darling” at a wedding?

The evening finally arrived.  I was about the age I am in the picture to the right with my dad and little dog – 3.  If you will notice…there is NO picture of me in my flower girl attire.

That is because I refused to go through with it.  Maybe the evening candlelit ceremony unnerved me.  Maybe I just had ‘good old stage fright’.  But I would NOT do it.  Even the WHOLE dollar my dad tried to bribe me with didn’t work.  (Now maybe if he had offered chocolate)…And maybe…I was just too young.

My own daughters, Tess and Julia, were honored to be flower girls at our friend Mollie’s wedding.  They were older than I, and there were two of them.  They did a great job, and I was proud.    So this raises a good question.  Are you as the bride, or mother of the bride, willing to leave an important part of the procession in the hands of a fickle little girl?  I wasn’t.  I chose to not have a flower girl at my own wedding.  The main reason being I knew how I had acted as a young child. And truth be told, I didn’t want anyone to be cuter than I… :-)

Below my my own daughter Julia, age 4 at Mollie’s wedding, and picture following is of Mollie, Julia and Tess.



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