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post focuses on the site of the wedding.  This could be a church or other venue.  You may choose to get married at a religious site, i.e. church or synagogue, or have the wedding ceremony performed at the same location as the reception.
My daughter is getting married at one of the Roman Catholic churches in town.  We have three.  Our situation was a little complicated, in that the bride and groom wanted to marry in the larger, and I’ll admit PRETTIER, Catholic church in town.  But alas, we are parishioners at one of the other churches.  Luckily, both priests worked with them and they are being allowed to marry at St. Paul’s, the larger, prettier church.
Keep in mind any religious requirements you may face if you get married at a church.  My kids could not get their wedding date on the church calendar until they met with the priest and presented him with their Baptism, First Communion, First Reconciliation, and Confirmation Certificates.  After they were “on the calendar,” they had to attend a “Pre-Cana” counseling session for engaged couples.
What if you choose a no-religious site?  Often you have the option of getting married right at your reception venue.  You will need someone to preform the ceremony, and make sure the venue offers set up and breakdown of the chairs needed for the ceremony.  Watch those extra charges!
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