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Kleinfelds Part I

KLEINFELDS!!  To the uninitiated, the TLC reality series, “Say Yes to the Dress” is filmed at the renowned Grand Dame of them all…Kleinfelds in New York, New York.  It has long been a dream of my daughters to visit.

Now, we had a reason.  Getting an appointment AND finding a time when all five of us were free was no easy task.  As it was, Julia, 14, had to miss softball practice.  But as she said, “In five years, I will not remember if I went to softball practice or not, but I WILL remember that I helped Maggie pick out her wedding dress.”
The day finally came.  I only got an appointment on a Sunday due to a cancellation.  Really, we were going for the experience, I told the girls, AND myself.  If you’ve ever watched the show, you know how wildly expensive the dresses can be.
After arriving at the New Haven train station for the ride into New York, and yes, Mom falling on a patch of ice in my haste to tell the girls to “…be careful on the ice,”  we boarded the train to NYC. An hour and a half later, we arrived at Grand Central.  If you’ve never been, you must.  It is one of the most beautiful buildings I’ve ever seen.  Grand, (ha ha), regal, ornate.
Two taxies later, we arrived at Kleinfelds.  Now, I must admit…I was a little disappointed. The facade was unimpressive. The interior made up for it, however. It was elegant without being over-done.
Our consultant was patient, kind and professional.  Please note above the picture of Julia, KK, and Tess waiting for Maggie’s next dress to be modeled.Maggie tried on an ungodly number of dresses. But… Did she say, “Yes to the dress???”   Check back tomorrow for part II of “KLEINFELDS” to find out…
Mary P. Karnes, author of “Simply the Best” a cozy mystery about a Wedding Planner in sunny Santa Barbara, CA.  Available on e-book format from amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Apple iBooks.

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