“Mother of the Bride Dress, Personal Shopper Part II”




Am I being too mean by just showing you my dress in a bag, and my shoes in a box?  If so, I’m very sorry.  But really…I just can’t share yet…

Let’s be honest. A “Mother of the Bride Dress” just MAY BE the second most important dress you’ll ever purchase, after your wedding dress, of course.

Think about it.  You will be standing with your beautiful young daughter, and you want to look lovely as well.  Of course you won’t look AS lovely, and you wouldn’t want to, but you still want to look your best.  There will be pictures taken, a lot of them, after all.

I have never considered a stylist – ever. But after the very positive experience I had when the Nordstrom sales associate made the HOUR LONG Christmas returns for me, with more patience than I deserved, I took him up on his offer for help finding a dress for the wedding.

I left off in my story when my mini-makeover was complete. We journeyed upstairs and while I enjoyed the “pre-ordered” sparking water, we looked at dresses.  Now if I haven’t described the Stylist, let me do so now.  He’s a very edgy young man – a cutting edge dresser, unlike I.  I am conservative, and old-school.  I’m happy with a pair of jeans or khakis and a button-down shirt.  I was a little concerned, thinking our styles would not meet.  I worried for naught.  Like the beauty consultant, Nicole before him, he asked me what liked.  What colors, fabric, dress length, sleeve length, and design style – what “Silhouette” I favored. I tried on a few, but I was so specific in my desire, there weren’t too many to choose from.  I ended up choosing a dress that was my exact vision.  It’s very tailored, simple and elegant – and to top if off, I found the perfect pair of shoes!  So, yes, I said YES TO THE DRESS!


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