“Mother of the Bride Dress”


Yes…I know…the hair…This is a picture of me with the Bride, age 9 months.  Hard to believe this little baby is now married.

So let’s talk about what’s REALLY important…Mother of the Bride Dresses!

This had been a worry of mine. I wanted to look GOOD on her wedding day!  I wanted to look trim, fresh, and calm. It’s hard as we age, isn’t it ladies?!?

So, what to do?  I made the choice early on that I would not select my dress from a bridal salon.  First, they are grossly overpriced, second, if I order it, and don’t like it, I CAN NOT RETURN IT!  And third, I have heard horror stories that the dresses are ordered in a a size too large, thus more alterations are required than are truly necessary.

I decided that I would go to Nordstrom.  Months ago I was making countless Christmas returns and, as luck would have it, landed with a personal shopper.  I made an appointment with “Dan” to look at dresses.  Dan also said he would schedule me with Nordstrom’s hair and makeup services…was he trying to tell me something?!?  Tomorrow, I’ll tell you if it was a success…or not…

Posted by Mary P. Karnes, “Mother of the Bride”

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