My “Personal Shopper” Experience – Mother of the Bride Dress




I was dreading seeing the beauty professional before my “Personal Shopping”experience. I arrived right on time – not always the case with me, and introduced myself to Nicole. She was beautiful and lovely. But I was worried. Was I going to walk out of here looking like a clown?  I am not a makeup person – a little mascara and lip gloss and I’m good to go.

We just talked at first. She asked me all about my skin type, my style, my colors. Then she selected some products to take home – from cleanser to eye cream. After that, she gave me a “mini- make-over.”  (Let’s just say, when I got home, the family couldn’t tell. The only feedback I got was that I was looked “rested.”  That’s a win in my book!)

Dan, my “Personal Shopper” then came to escort me upstairs to begin our “search.”  Let me tell you a little about “Dan.”  He was warm, professional and tailored his fashion sense to what I favored.  But he an I were physically polar opposites!  He sported a Mohawk, tattoos and had an especially eclectic style of dress.  And I am a stodgy old mom.  But we worked well together.

Tomorrow… Did say “Yes to the dress?”

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