“Wedding Dress Alterations”




Above Photo: Patty Cloherty

The picture above of my maid of honor and one of my beautiful bridesmaids helping me dress on the morning of my wedding.  Excited much???  Yes I was… wish I could show you a picture of Maggie, but for now, this is the best I can do.

Ahhh…the alterations.  They are a large part of the price of the dress.  I was SHOCKED to hear that Kleinfelds, and apparently all other bridal salons, charge extra for their alterations!  Kleinfelds’ rate is a flat $700.00 for alterations. If you only need the gown hemmed, $700.00. If you need hours and hours of bead-work, lace repair, zipper replacement, embellishment reorganization, $ 700.00.  Doesn’t seem quite fair…

As I hated to face that long trip back to New York for fittings, we opted to contract one of the local bridal seamstress in town to do the work.  Her rate was much more reasonable, and yes, I’ll say it…fair.  Nice little savings.  As this woman had done work for us before on prom dresses, I felt comfortable.

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