“American Bachelorette Party Part II”



Bachelorette Party Part II!  Above is the picture of the older girls at a Boston club later in the evening.  Maggie is the bride in the center.  Her guests were requested to wear black, she wore white.

But before the “After Dinner Celebration” in the picture above, Kathleen decorated the hotel room in her “Blue Box” theme.  It took her countless hours, to paint the white boxes blue – couldn’t find just the right shade of blue in a pre-made box, and then she had to letter them all.  She also purchased blue water bottles and bedazzled and lettered them.


photo 5-1 photo 1-1


The picture below shows the “goodie /survival bags each guest received.”  Everything was there to survive a night out on the town – before and after.  It included: tissues, ibuprofen, mints, gum, a toothbrush, make-up remover, water bottle, (as describe and pictured above), energy bar, mouthwash, “fashion tape,” and safety pins.


photo 4-1


Maggie, the bride, is in the picture below, holding up one of her gifts.  This one is not tied with the iconic white ribbon, but with black lace… hinting at what MAY be inside…  Maggie’s two younger sisters were invited to the dinner with all the other bridesmaids and friends, but I drove them home to Connecticut after dinner.  I’m not sure what the agenda was after I left, :-) but I do know everyone had a good time.  After a one night hotel stay, and a hearty breakfast the next morning, all the attendees returned to their far-flung homes and busy lives.  I know Maggie appreciated all who took time out to celebrate one of her last nights as a single lady.


photo 2


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