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American Bridal Showers  – this is a party where female guests of the bride literally “shower”  her with gifts.   Shower gifts are typically simple in nature – practical if you will.  But the presents can range anywhere from a set of mixing bowls to a Waterford picture frame.  There are many shower types – a kitchen shower, personal shower (where the bride is gifted with all matters of personal wear from bras to negligés).  There are kitchen showers, round the clock showers, (at this type of party, each guest is assigned an hour of the day.  Then she brings a gift corresponding to the time), and Jack and Jill showers (this party includes  friends and guests of both the bride and groom).

So what does the ‘Mother of the Bride’ give her daughter at her bridal shower?  In a previous post, ‘The Best Shower Gift Ever!‘, I showcased one of the shower gifts I gave my daughter.  But Maggie had another shower…what to give her now?  I agonized over it…then it hit me.  I would give her something from her great-grandmother who had long since passed away.  My grandmother, the girls’ Great-Gram, was an award winning crocheter.  I took one of my prized dollies that she had made, washed it, starched it, and had it custom framed.  You can see it below.



Maggie at her Massachusetts shower with the framed doily…not quite sure what she’ll do with it…maybe just save it and give it her HER daughter when she marries…

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Top image:  www.mattandmei-ling.com

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