American Wedding Dances – Get Your Groove On!



American Wedding Dances…. First up, “The Dollar Dance.”  I don’t know if other communities have the “Dollar Dance,” tradition, but our little town of Ojai, CA does, or at least it DID, thirty years ago.  I told my parents before my wedding that I really didn’t want it.  One of my dad’s friends stepped in at the reception, and over-ruled me, however.  And truth be told, I’m glad he did…


This is how it works…simple, really… The DJ, or front man of your band, announces, “It’s time for the ‘Dollar Dance!'”  Then the bride and the groom go to the dance floor, and guests form two lines – one for the bride, and one for the groom.  If you want to dance with them, you pay a dollar.  But no one pays just a dollar. We made out like bandits!  It was nice pocket money for the honeymoon.  But the best, unexpected part, was…(remember that friend of my dad’s?)…well he announced that whatever we made from the dance, my father had to match…and he did!

A second traditional wedding dance is the anniversary dance.  Here’s how this one works…All married people were asked to dance at the reception.  Then the DJ, excuses couples that have been married, one year, then five, ten, fifteen and so on.  My parents won for being married 62!  My daughter, Maggie and new son-in -law, Rob, had a gift all picked out to present to my parents.  I’m sure they’ll always cherish it.









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