America’s Answer to the “Hen Party” – “The Bachelorette Party!”






Kathleen, our bride’s sister and maid of honor,  REALLY should be writing this post.  One of the duties of maid of honor is to organize the “Bachelorette Party.”  Or as they call it in the UK, a “Hen Party.”

KK  may have missed her calling, and should have been a professional party planner after demonstrating all the precision work and organization she did on this event.  It’s a thing of beauty, and very tasteful.  Remember, her little sisters will attend…


I don’t know about you ladies of MY generation, but I did not have a bachelorette party.  I had three showers, but no bachelorette.  Were they a thing then?

Anyway… it is now.  I can’t share the details with you, in fact these invitations are supposed to be a surprise…but they were made so creatively and skillfully by KK, that I had to show you. Guess what the theme is?  Just think the “little blue box” that any woman wants to receive…

Tomorrow, I JUST might give you some details…Ok…tomorrow, I’ll tell all!
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